JR Addresses Sting vs. Taker, HBK at The Rumble?, Another Rumble Tease

Posted by Matt Boone January 23, 2013 4 Comments

- Jim Ross addressed the possibility of Sting vs. Undertaker match on Twitter, writing, “Why are some fans SO naive to think that @Sting can wrestle Taker when Sting is under contract to another company? Makes NO sense. None!”

- Shawn Michaels commented on whether he will appear at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, writing, “I’ll be on a plane home from Pittsburgh.”

- The Brooklyn Brawler teased a Royal Rumble appearance, writing on Twitter, “Just got home 3 days then off to phoenix for the #RoyalRumble the road to #WrestleMania has begun!!”

  • Papa Georgio

    Too bad because Sting vs Taker would be bigger than Rock vs Hogan IMHO.

  • Koolaid

    Sigh here comes the Brooklyn Brawler taking up a rumble spot…

  • YepYep

    The Shawn Michaels part is true – they have been advertising him appear here in Pittsburgh, on Sunday, for a few weeks now.

  • King James

    Is it naive or wishful thinking? I like JR, and I support most of what he says, but calling this naive isn’t right IMO. I would love to see a Sting vs. Taker match, but I don’t have any illusions of it happening. Still won’t keep me from talking about how awesome it would be.

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