JR Clarifies His NXT Duties, Name for Ryback’s Finisher, Zack Ryder’s Latest

Posted by Matt Boone June 23, 2012 2 Comments

- Below is episode #72 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show:

- As seen on the first episode of WWE NXT season 6, Jim Ross acted as announcer for more than just the main events. On Twitter, JR clarified his NXT role:

“I’m on all the 1st four episodes of new NXT from open until close and do the main events only, as I understand it, going forward.”

- The finishing move that Ryback has been using to put his victims away is being called Shell Shocked.

  • b-ri

    might as well call it the jackhammer seeing how they’re recycling everything else

    • Hulk Hogan

      I was offered to play the character of Ryback but I turned it down brother. -HH

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