Kane Appears On Political Podcast, The Godfather Returning To The Ring Full-Time

Posted by Matt Boone September 26, 2013 0 Comment

-WWE Superstar Kane, who is a Libertarian, appeared recently on the official podcast of failed Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul. You can check that out online at RonPaulChannel.com.

-Former WWE Superstar The Godfather is returning to the ring on a full-time basis, and is currently accepting bookings throughout the rest of 2014. You can contact Joe DeFalco to book him at lvfuturestars@yahoo.com.

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    • richthedevil

      i hope that dusty comes back and reminds Stephanie of a secret that he has of her and she doesn’t want hhh to know, that will get Cody reinstated.

      • Nicholas Williams

        that would be a retarded way to take the storyline.

        • richthedevil

          yes it would, but funny! as long as dusty has been around he must have some story’s to tell. you know that he is coming back and wwe story telling is retarded so dusty is in the story some where……….

          • Nicholas Williams

            of course he is going to be in the storyline somewhere down the line… its predictable. but the direction you suggested is just too stupid to go with… not saying the WWE writers are going to come up with something better, just putting in my 2 cents.

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