Kane Being Pulled from MITB?, Scherr Talks First Day with WWE, Foley

Posted by Matt Boone July 10, 2013 9 Comments

- Mick Foley’s Kickstarter campaign for his “I Am Santa Claus” documentary has 6 hours left and they have raised $49,663 of the $40,000 goal.

– We noted before that powerlifter Adam “Big Country” Scherr reported to WWE developmental on Tuesday. He tweeted about his first day:

“First day with the WWE training in the books had a blast but they whooped my ass!!! Gotta get my cardio on check and this is gonna be alot easier!!! COUNTRY STRONG!!!”

– F4Wonline.com reports that word going around WWE on Tuesday was that Kane would be pulled from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday, possibly being replaced by Bray Wyatt. This would be to sell the attack from The Wyatt Family on RAW and keep the feud going. There was no announcement at last night’s SmackDown tapings so we’ll see what happens this week.

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    • Link

      Yeah,put a fresh newcomer in former champion match…

    • simon33uk

      yeah and we all know whats gonna happen here. bray is gonna win the match possibly cash in and he wins title then kane vs wyatt for title

      • GoodThings2Life

        I would *hope* that they will keep with the Daniel Bryan winning and cashing in on Cena plan, but this is WWE… they change plans on a whim.

    • Ace Boogie

      Bring back Batista

    • Bam Bam

      If they do then Kane should interfere in the match because he is suppose to be an unstoppable monster and whip Bray Wyatt ass and cause him the match.

      • Spencer Elliott

        Bury the guy before he’s even started? :-(

        • Bam Bam

          No I just don’t think bray should get the briefcase the week he starts and feuding with Kane could help put all of the wyatt family over if Kane goes back to him unstoppable monster gimmick IMO.

    • Liana Taylor

      Let the Shield turn face against the Wyatt’s so Kane can return and kick ass.

    • ZED87

      Bray Wyatt in an All-Star MITB match would be a FAIL!!!!. Big Show might enter or maybe some returning wrestler who knows maybe Miz or Y2J does the double duty.

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