Kane Officially Pulled from MITB, Matches for Tonight’s SmackDown

Posted by Matt Boone July 12, 2013 6 Comments

- WWE taped the following to air on tonight’s WWE SmackDown:

* Daniel Bryan vs. Christian

* Jey Uso vs. Seth Rollins

* Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel

* Ryback vs. The Miz

* Fandango vs. Wade Barrett

* Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

* Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

There will also be a contract signing for the WWE Divas Title Match at Money in the Bank with Kaitlyn and AJ Lee.

– It was confirmed on the international version of SmackDown that has already aired overseas that Kane has been pulled from Sunday’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. They did not name his replacement but we should have an update later.

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    • Beer Money Jobber

      Why does the WWE even put Sin Cara on any of their top shows against headliners?
      He gets absolutely no reaction when he enters the ring. You could pin drop. Dead silence from the fans.
      And why do they still use his colored lighting?
      He’s barely a glorified jobber anymore.

      • 123

        Stop hating on wrestlers. All you do is hate

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Have I ever stated I hated a wrestler? No
          Have I ever stated I have a dislike for a wrestler? Yes, many times.

          I’m just stating a fact about Sin Cara. Open your eyes & observe everything that pro wrestling show encompasses & you’ll see where I’m coming from. I’ve never said anything about Sin Cara’s wrestling ability, I think he’s an excellent wrestler with great moves. He just doesn’t get over with the fans, positive or negative. And in pro wrestling, getting over is everything.

          • Guest

            Beer Money Jobber and I have been watching wrestling a lot longer than you’ve been around. We’ve been fans for over 40 years when we talk, you should listen.

            • edgehead

              40 years of living in your mothers basement

            • Beer Money Jobber

              And I’m guessing you live in you dad’s basement & your bed is next to the kitty litter box.
              When you can honestly say that you saw Bruno Sammartino wrestle live during his 1st title reign, then we’ll talk.

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