Kassius Ohno Released By WWE

Posted by Brad Davis November 9, 2013 20 Comments

WWE has released Kassius Ohno, formerly Chris Hero, from developmental. He was informed of the news on Friday morning while waiting to begin training at the WWE Performance Center.

Ohno was one of the top independent workers in the world before signing with WWE, wrestling main event programs for Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH, CHIKARA, IWA Mid-South and CZW.

He signed with WWE in 2012 and has long been considered one of the most promising talents in developmental. He had some issues with management this year due to them feeling he needed to get into physical shape. He was pulled from several NXT shows during this time, but eventually hit the gym and improved his physique. He recently returned to NXT television, with his now-final match airing on this past week’s show, where he lost to The Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper.

The release is a surprising one, as Ohno was believed to be on the fast track to the main roster and was cut from the same cloth as guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and his former tag team partner, Antonio Cesaro.

Ohno is already accepting indy bookings, including a PWS show on 11/16 against Hurricane Helms and Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s All Star Weekend in December.

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    • Canuck 703

      Who ??

    • Waxy5

      Dumbass WWE

    • Undertaker316

      this is the dumbest release by wwe they have lost such a great wrestler im pretty sure chris hero asked to to be released since hes already booked for indy events i dont think even wwe is dumb enough to release him

    • tak161

      I don’t know much about Ohno, except what I’ve read. Seems like he is a pretty good talent. However, if you don’t comply with what your boss tells you to do, you can’t expect to make it. He didn’t seem to want to listen to WWE and Triple H specifically about his physical condition. And obviously they felt that there was not going to be any improvement from him.

      It may be a not so smart move talent wise, but it’s the right decision business wise. He wasn’t making the neccessary improvements, therefore he had to go.

    • The Troll Hunter

      So, WWE releases chris hero, blames daniel bryan for shitty ppv sales when his matches were great & the other stuff sucked but Big Show is being pushed to go against Randy Orton for PPVs, Ryback is still employed, curtis axel is the IC champ & Roman Reigns is the one out of the shield that’s getting the huge push!?!??! WWE is just so stupid, its sad.

      • D

        Which of the others should get the major push? Reigns has everything the WWE wants. He’s got size, strength, intensity, the favored moveset, the family connection and the looks. Rollins is a solid second with his moveset but even he’s tag teamer at best. And Ambrose is a bland guy who wants to be Sting. TRUST in McMahon.

    • charley ramirez

      Way to go and drop the ball again WWE.

    • ggny

      Wouldnt be surprised to see other Indy Talent go the same way. Triple H burying Daniel Bryan on TV seems to be the start of WWE purge its self of Wrestlers and go back to Entertainers

    • D

      He was a half decent indy guy AT BEST. There’s a hundred more like him. Trust in McMahon.

    • Guest457564847656

      Guess he just didn’t ‘work out’.
      See what I did there?

    • Kage

      *Is still not watching WWE*

      • D

        That’s okay. Several million people still are.

    • calebo94

      It was Best for Business!!

    • TheMachineX2

      head to TNA they need help



    • Stuart Moulding

      So they release talented guys like Hero but constantly push the limited (wrestling) talent of John Cena down our throats. Come on WWE use your brains here!!

      • D

        Hero didn’t comply to what they asked of him (or he did, but by then it was too late). Doesn’t matter how many flippy-flips he can do, it’s still a job. No comply equals no employment.

      • Guest

        WWE makes a star out of guy who paid his dues and releases a guy who got his fame on the independent circuit. Come on smark use your brains here.

    • Daniel89

      Whats best for business for him is chris hero since wwe don’t work out for him he’s needs to go to TNA the only way can save the company from going to bankrupt.

    • Evelyn L. Ford

      I honestly feel sorry for him- I’d tried to tell TNA and OVW about him, but they cussed me out; for that, both OVW and TNA need to go out of business; I hate them seriously for all of that and for dissing me online; I hate both of those promotions seriously and they can both crash and burn for all I care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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