Kassius Ohno Talks Motivation Behind NXT Return, Goals He Hopes To Accomplish

NXT star Kassius Ohno (aka Chris Hero) spoke with WWE broadcast team member Byron Saxton for a new WWE.com interview this week to address his recent comeback and how the Kassius Ohno of today is different than the one fans saw three years ago.

Regarding the changes fans may notice in him from three years ago when he worked in NXT compared to today, Ohno mentioned his weight loss and the fact that he no longer has a chip on his shoulder.

“Aside from about 50 pounds? [Laughs] I’m smarter. I’ve matured and I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I’m more comfortable and I know my worth.”

As far as what drove his decision to return to NXT, Ohno pointed to the goals he never achieved the last time around working for WWE and wanting to please the fans as his main motivating factors.

“I’ve worked hard not to let my previous tenure define my career. I knew I didn’t have to come back to prove myself to anyone. What I need [to do] is to come back and accomplish all the things I failed to accomplish my first time here. I also need to reach those goals for anyone who has ever believed in and supported me.”

As Ohno continued, he mentioned his desire to become the NXT World Champion as the one key goal he hopes to accomplish during his latest run with the promotion.

“My focus is zeroed in on the NXT Championship. I have accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted, everywhere I’ve ever been. Championships, tournaments, you name it. The NXT Championship is something that I don’t just want, it’s what I need. I plan to become the face and ambassador of NXT. I want to bring the absolute best in-ring action all over the world.”

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