Kassius Ohno’s Private Complaints Contributed To WWE Release

Posted by Matt Boone November 21, 2013 7 Comments

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, recently released WWE NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno, aka Chris Hero, did himself no favors by complaining to some of his co-workers about his spot in the company.

The report claims that in confidence, Ohno told some of his co-workers that he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t being featured at the level of guys in the company that he thought he was better than. Apparently those same co-workers then went and told WWE management what Ohno had said, which reportedly sealed his fate with the company.

WWE was already questioning Ohno’s future in the company due to his age and the fact that they had no immediate creative plans or ideas for him on the main roster. Catching wind of Ohno’s complaints apparently made the call for the company to let him go an even easier decision to make.

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    • D

      It’s a shame for Ohno, he could have been a decent addition to the roster. But you have to learn to keep stuff like that to yourself.

      • Kage

        Yeah, I agree.

        Doesn’t make him any less right, though.

    • Dante

      Wrestling is a cut throat business at times and sometimes when you tell your co workers things about other wrestlers when your co workers may be better friends with those wrestlers lol

    • shameronstar

      Snitches get stitches!

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        I agree. Bullshit snitch ass bitches

    • cDubbdagreat

      Its hard for a indy vet like Chris Hero to stick around long enough to EARN a chance at making main roster. As far as WWE cares. Ur career begains match 1 in their orginization. Regardless of any prior Indy rep. these guys seem to think they’re in the cradle can carry them to superstar status, guess what Mr hero 95 percent of the WWE Universe has no clue who you are. Fact. put in some work pay your dues improve and you will make it

      • cDubbdagreat

        Indy Cred not in the cradle? Wtf autocorrect. Never works right!

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