Kelly Granted “Time Off”, Sources Say She Might Not Return

Posted by Brad Davis June 6, 2012 16 Comments

Numerous sources within WWE say Kelly Kelly has been granted “time off” by organization officials. She has been on the road full time since her 2006 debut and requested the break to recharge her batteries.

“She’s been here since she was a kid,” said a company source. “She had been pushing for time away to spend with her family and her boyfriend. Six years for someone of her age is a lifetime. She needed a break.”

Many of her colleagues don’t believe Kelly’s returning anytime soon, if at all, since she has begun promoting her alternative stage name (Barbie Blank) and is currently accepting requests for appearances and endorsements outside of WWE. She added the following information to her Twitter account over the weekend:

“Barbie Blank/Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva, MAXIM Cover Girl and 100 Hottest Women. For full appearances/endorsements please contact Heidi at”

Kelly last competed on television on the May 21 Raw SuperShow, losing to Beth Phoenix. She last wrestled on May 26 in Quito, Ecuador.

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    • Mark Henry

      Kelly Kelly: Ummm, I’m dumb as a doorknob. I love Barbie toys because u know I still play with toys. I got it! Barbie Blank

    • Some Guy

      If Kelly quits, we riot!

      • Unknown

        apparently you’ll be the only one rioting because nobody even cares about the divas division anymore

      • Scorpionking

        what are you gonna do? kick your cat or something?

    • chris

      Please don’t come back you slutty, plastic idiot


      now she can post nude

    • CM Drunk

      Holla holla holla

    • Broski

      Kelly should have her much deserved vacation, but I disagree with her leaving WWE. It’s not yet the time, she isn’t that famous yet, be she could be. Maybe she should follow the footstep of the Rock – leaving WWE when he was famous and still maintaining good relationship with WWE.

      She might find it difficult to comeback if she didn’t make it outside her wrestling career.

    • The Miz

      bye.. jerry “the king” lawler will miss you so much..

    • joker77

      you ppl are sick and dumb! you better RESPECT! Kelly, Kelly for all she did in the WWE!
      Good luck Kelly we Love You xoxoxoxo’s.

      • Irate Fan

        Shut up you stupid mark

      • ScorpionKing

        she didnt do shit…she only looks good walking to and from the ring…im glad shes gone, stupid spinning headscissor tard scream she did was so lame, worst diva ever. she only kept her job by jobbing on the freebird sausage.

    • samantha

      All you Kelly hater’s are so freaking pathetic jelly co-signing non muf factory losers most of you are ugly ass females or ugly ass men or handbags.

      • ScorpionKing

        she cant wrestle for shit…shut your busted ass up and go make your father/boyfriend/babydaddy a sammach. jerry! jerry! jerry!

    • Jordan

      I seriously dont understand y the wwe is letting a diva take a vacation when she barely does anything but they wont let superstars like John Cena or CM Punk take a vacation when they really need it and deserves it because they work their ass off more than anyone eles in the wwe, and now they have too work twice as hard because of all these dumb as superstars keep getting suspened, that just really pisses me off man!

      • Scorpionking

        her ‘vacation” is time off because she sucks! cana and punk etc dont take time off on their own accord because they dont wanna lose their spot….mark!

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