Kelly Kelly Injured?, Possible Changes for Otunga, Batista’s Movie

Posted by Matt Boone November 3, 2012 6 Comments

- The Man With The Iron Fists starring former WWE star Batista was estimated to open at #3 on Friday and finish the weekend at #4. Official numbers should be available later this morning. The movie was being estimated to draw $3 million on Friday with a projected weekend total of $8.5 million.

Batista thanked fans via Twitter and teased a sequel:

“Thanks for all the love and support for #IronFists keep on supporting thru the weekend so we can start the sequel! #BrassBody”

- Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly went in for a MRI on her neck yesterday. She tweeted:

“Getting MRI on my neck #damnyoustinkfaces”

- There has been talk about re-packaging David Otunga.

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  • Madusa

    Pretty sure she got that neck hurting from her pimp, not on the ring .

  • 40 dawg

    No she messed up her neck from giving too many blowjobs. How many dudes she go thru when she was in wwe? She just a hoe.

  • Bird 2.0

    She should go into modeling, at least she doesnt have to blow anybody lol

    • 40 dawg

      Wouldn’t be so sure bro.

  • deuche busters

    Shut up and go try to sue someone you piece of shit.

  • 40 dawg’s shadows mother

    You better not have kelly kelly blow you, that’s what mommy’s for.

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