Ken Shamrock Calls CM Punk A “Spoiled Brat,” Claims HHH Doesn’t Like Him

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2014 18 Comments

Former WWE Superstar and UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock recently appeared as a guest on the “Asked with Riv & Landin” show. During the interview, Shamrock spoke about a number of WWE and MMA related topics, including the recent controversy surrounding CM Punk.

When asked for his thoughts on Punk possibly entering MMA, Shamrock noted that he would have no chance if he were to start off at the UFC level, and that he should start at the bottom due to the fact that he has no experience as a professional fighter.

Shamrock also spoke about Punk’s current situation with WWE, going as far as to call him a “spoiled brat” for walking out on the company when he didn’t get what he wanted, and claimed that he is suffering from “spoiled brat syndrome.”

“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” also spoke about Triple H, noting that Hunter dislikes him because he had to put him over several times during WWE’s “Attitude Era.” Shamrock claimed that “The Game” strongly dislikes putting other people over.

You can listen to the complete interview below:


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    • Will $teel

      Shamrock spoke the truth right here

      • Cryass

        So you’re saying he wasn’t being a cryass?


        • Will $teel

          na unlike dat dude cm punk who is a spoiled brat like da livin legend Ken Shamrock so rightfully stated

          • ragin

            living legend really the only thing he’s a legend about is getting his a$$ handed to him in fights and matches. shamrock is a stepping stone

      • Randy Ragsdale

        The thought of having a 3way with Parker and Elliot where we dp her excites me;) Hardison will be forced to watch filming it. Need more BLACK CHICKS in WWE. Need more Mickey Butders!!! HHH Sucks his best friend Kerian Lee. Everyones knows it’s Butders that’s me ;)

        • Will $teel

          i do agree wwe needs more black chicks. n latinos 4 that matter. these “barbie doll” divas r old n borin. i prefer dem yellow bones

    • Adam2014

      Bring back Shamrock and fire Miz and Batista

      • Bulkster

        You’re high if you think The Miz should be fired.

        • The Iron Sheik

          No! I am high! I get high with Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Now I will f*** your ass, and make you humble!!!!

    • Bulkster

      Shamrock would beat the living hell out of C.M. Punk. I hope Punk is dumb enough to respond.

      • Will $teel

        bahahahaha i agree n that would b epic. yet da IWC would think he has a shot lol as vince McMahons theme song says “no chance in hell”

        • msk343

          punk is just an mma fan, dude.. if he ever enters the mma world as a fighter then talk about his chances or what not

      • msk343

        I don’t think Punk is coming back to WWE nor going to point in crying you wont see him

    • chrissi calvert

      Once again someone else talking about the Punk situation as if they know whats happening. Theres alot of reasons why he walked but until there is an official statement released everything we are getting are just rumours and peoples opinions based on these rumours.

    • Lucas Tupper

      “Shamrock claimed that ‘The Game’ strongly dislikes putting other people over.” How surprising.

    • Bertaut

      Y’know, I always hear about how Triple H won’t put anyone over. Am I not correct in thinking that HHH is the only person to ever tap out in the main event of Wrestlemania, and he did it twice, putting over Benoit and Cena in the process. He also put over Batista at Mania. Didn’t he job clean to Shelton Benjamin once? And Kurt Angle early in Angle’s career? People think he doesn’t put people over because he never put Jericho or Foley over, but that wasn’t his decision (certainly not in Foley’s case anyway). His Mania record is won 8, lost 9. He lost four main events on the trot. Doesn’t sound like someone who refuses to job to me.

      • Kris Godwin

        I agree. Triple H has an old-school mentality when it comes to putting people over. He plays a dominant role (like his reign of doom in 2003 -2005), so that when he DOES get beaten (like Benoit at WM 20), it has much more impact. It’s long-term thinking that doesn’t ‘jive’ with today’s pro-wrestling audience, unfortunately. The same thing is happening with Daniel Bryan – his burial has been very much intentional by WWE, in order to make him more sympathetic to the fans. When D-Bry eventually DOES beat the ‘machine’, the fans will go nuts, because that’s how WWE want it to be. They’re very crafty.

      • Nathan Shane Long

        Triple H did not want to put over anyone who came from “Atlanta” if you know what i mean

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