Kevin Nash Goes On Twitter Rant While Watching Thursday’s Impact Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone September 20, 2013 11 Comments

Former performer went on a Twitter rant while watching Thursday night’s edition of on Spike TV.

Nash went off on for their production, the creative direction of the company and the wrestlers themselves. Below is a collection of tweets from Nash’s official Twitter account, which you can follow at @RealKevinNash.

“Big Sexy” started off by saying:

Watching TNA why would you ever cut Velvet Sky out of a shot? I didnt hear a word Chris said after see was out of frame.TNA watch 16-35 ads

A few minutes later, Nash posted this one:

So unbelievable the TNA talent aren’t told to work the non populated hard camera

A few hours passed, and the former “Diesel” was at it again, saying:

TNA is out of cash and being on the road doesn’t get to slide payments for up to 4 months to show a profit as they did at Universal.

From there, Nash taalked about some of the talent, writing:

Anderson and Mickey James are up bet you don’t see them to after the first of the year.The dudes are playing on the deck.Enjoy the music

After that, a fan asked Nash the question, “How much longer do you give TNA before they begin to lose their top stars to the WWE?” Nash replied:

@texanfan2785 WWE won’t take them they didn’t build a multi-million dollar development complex to take in TNA talent.

Nash concluded with one final tweet, saying:

TNA had it’s highest ratings when Jeff was in charge. Steady decline except for the loaded Hogan live show.