Kevin Nash Goes On Twitter Rant While Watching Thursday’s Impact Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone September 20, 2013 11 Comments

Former TNA Impact Wrestling performer Kevin Nash went on a Twitter rant while watching Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

Nash went off on TNA for their production, the creative direction of the company and the wrestlers themselves. Below is a collection of tweets from Nash’s official Twitter account, which you can follow at @RealKevinNash.

“Big Sexy” started off by saying:

Watching TNA why would you ever cut Velvet Sky out of a shot? I didnt hear a word Chris said after see was out of frame.TNA watch 16-35 ads

A few minutes later, Nash posted this one:

So unbelievable the TNA talent aren’t told to work the non populated hard camera

A few hours passed, and the former “Diesel” was at it again, saying:

TNA is out of cash and being on the road doesn’t get to slide payments for up to 4 months to show a profit as they did at Universal.

From there, Nash taalked about some of the talent, writing:

Anderson and Mickey James are up bet you don’t see them to after the first of the year.The dudes are playing on the deck.Enjoy the music

After that, a fan asked Nash the question, “How much longer do you give TNA before they begin to lose their top stars to the WWE?” Nash replied:

@texanfan2785 WWE won’t take them they didn’t build a multi-million dollar development complex to take in TNA talent.

Nash concluded with one final tweet, saying:

TNA had it’s highest ratings when Jeff was in charge. Steady decline except for the loaded Hogan live show.

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    • lol

      Nash is right. Everything was great until Hogan Bit*hoff showed up.

    • Ray

      What a douche. Sure, everything isn’t perfect at TNA every single time but it’s the same thing for WWE too. Why does he only pick on TNA but never WWE? It’s the “popular” thing now to pick on TNA and that’s bad for TNA and bad for the industry and us because TNA is an alternative to WWE, if TNA dies then WWE will be by itself and the industry and we, the fans, lose. Screw you Nash.

      • Guest

        TNA is one of the alternatives to WWE and yet barely anyone watches on top of the fact the fact that the company has been hemmoraging money for years. No the only ones who lose are the select few diehard TNA fanboys not the general wrestling fanboys who couldn’t care less about the fate of TNA.

      • afgag

        dude you’ve seen their main event/final seg this week? that was a mediocre ripoff of punk last year, and they dropped that wrestling matters stuff and don’t use the talent they got properly. aj’s matches last week were hot, but over all there’s to much wasted time on a 1.5 hr show

        • Ray

          1) It wasn’t a rip off of Punk nor Daniel Bryan.

          2) Funny how WWE slaves/TNA haters claim TNA copies everything from WWE but don’t say anything when WWE copies TNA nor does the same crap over and over. Punk’s shoot was not the first shoot ever and this Daniel Bryan crap is the same as the Mankind vs Corporation.

          3) TNA’s roster is better than WWE’s and TNA’s matches destroy WWE’s. And in TNA wrestling actually matter but not in WWE, I have no idea what you are talking about.

          4) The BFG Series just ended, that’s why we didn’t see some of the roster. I do have to say the BFG Series should be done differently because the rest of the roster doesn’t get much love.

          • The Troll Hunter

            Thank YOU! It’s all ok when wwe copies that aj styles/dixie carter/hotel & hidden camera storyline for aj lee & cena or start using things like the announcer describing storylines before the show started or anything else that TNA was using.

          • sdfsdf

            1) if you’d take your head out of dixies anus for a sec you would see how wrong you are.
            2) i guess you talking bout me? idgaf if its tna wwe roh czw evolve dg or indy sh!t i watch wrestling. never said anything about wwe is perfect or doesn’t have crappy storylines, cause they aren’t perfect and they blew storylines, but guess what that doesn’t make it any better when tna screws up once again.
            3) wwe’s roster is a little deeper and better then tna’s, although tna has outstanding guys like roode, aj, aries, daniels, joe, and so on. tna went away from their wrestling matters gimmick back to stupid backstage segs, or matches which did no damn thing for a character or a storyline. what was up with aj about a whole damn year before he got in bfg series? how the misuse joe? how they haven’t done anything with impact, no pun intended, with roode and aries? if you are not that useless fanboy i suppose you are you would see that.
            4) you got guys like the tag champs not in tv for 2weeks or so in the past because of bfg series, not even in a backstage seg or anything like that, not acceptable, manik the same and after a few shows they pop back up on screen. you hurt the belt and the wrestler with that. and you just can’t blame the bfg series for that, you either have to change finishes (dq, quick roll up etc) or cut tv entrances or went over the time, but not withdraw your champs tv time.
            5) no reply on that, since you either get objective or you’re just a waste of time

            • The Troll Hunter

              Classic WWzombiE; avoid!

        • The Troll Hunter

          TNA puts on just as much or more wrestling than WWE puts on in 2 hrs as opposed to 3 hrs. You really have the nerve to say that crap. c’mon. What company constantly uses a slogan & doesn’t change up slogans/show & story direction. A

          Also, WWE didn’t invent the old wrestler airing out grievances with the person in charge! It’s an old trick used for the audience to connect because a lot of people would like to do the same at their jobs. get over the wwe fanboyism.

    • The Troll Hunter

      It’s amazing that a nothing/self-obsessed gloryhog like nash has the nerve to comment on anything. The only reason he’s in pro-wrestling is because of his height & vince mcmahon loves a good freak show. Basically, listening to kevin nash comment on pro-wrestling is like asking what the great khali what he thinks about an organization’s current standings.

    • sri

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