Kevin Nash Rants About TNA On Twitter: Hogan, Sabin, Tito-Rampage & More

Wrestling legend Kevin Nash went on a Twitter rant about TNA on Thursday morning. Here’s what he said about:

Total Divas & TNA: “Just watched the Totally Diva show for the first time.They played out of order but was a fun watch. When WWE show cases a reality show around Mania how can the TNA show not look weak.I work indy shows every weekend that out draw TNA …sad”

Who Is Responsible For TNA’s Troubles: “Spike has to much control but Dixie gets the heat.”

Chris Sabin As TNA Champion: “GREAT TALENT AND DUDE they will f*ck him in less than 3 months”

Rampage & Tito Ortiz In TNA: “Putting UFC guys in TNA makes less sense then putting TNA guys in UFC”

Why He Worked For TNA: “MONEY MONEY MONEY some people got to have it.”

If He Drew Money While In TNA: “In my account yes.”

What’s Working Against TNA: “WWE has all the money new talent tied up.Good luck TNA they just lost a ton of young talent.That they let go”

What He’d Do If He Had Power In TNA: “Steal Punk or Danielson”

Hulk Hogan & Dixie Carter: “Hulk Hogan will never be s has been.He’s s strong point.Listen to his reaction first time out. Hogan and Dixie are solid storyline wise.She is the owner Hulk is Hulk.If Babe Ruth was alive would we want him to bat cleanup?”