Kevin Nash Says He Wants To Return To WWE As Dolph Ziggler’s Bodyguard

Former WWE and WCW Champion Kevin Nash was recently a guest on Vince Russo’s Podcast One show. When Nash, who is currently retired, was asked about if he would ever return to wrestling he had two specific scenarios in mind. One scenario was if WWE ever forms a new NWO stable, and the other scenario was if he returns as Diesel to play Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard.

Nash went into detail about what he’d like to do as “Dolph Ziggler’s Diesel.” Nash says that Ziggler should be treated as a heel instead of a face, and that he wouldn’t have to say a word because he feels Ziggler can cut a good promo. Nash says Ziggler’s character, as a heel, could use Diesel for when he wrestles physically larger competitors, like Baron Corbin.

Nash made his WWE debut as Diesel back in 1993 when he was acting as Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard, and draws several similarities between Michaels and Ziggler.

“He does the same thing Shawn Michaels did,” Nash said of Ziggler. “He takes every bump and beating, and usually they beat him. But to me, his in-ring work is as good as anyone’s in the business right now. He works so hard.”

You can listen to to the entire podcast with Nash and Russo here.