Kevin Nash Shares Thoughts on TNA’s Aces & 8s Storyline

Posted by Matt Boone February 10, 2013 8 Comments

- Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter about TNA’s Aces & 8s storyline:

“Taz has an iron clad contract,that allows him to interact in felony acts and keep his job.Why don’t they raise 4 fingers on each hand? Ouch!

That’s all I wanted to comment about, story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself.

I love watching pro wrestling, not trying to s–t on the product.Just feel the show should revolve around Angle.who would kill the crew”

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    • Thomas Holbrook II

      Like Nash has any room to talk. It’s not 1994 anymore dude. You had your heyday in the late 90’s with the nWo, and that time has passed. Time to move on and let the newer generation do their thing.

      • Ice

        That time hasn’t passed, Aces & 8s is another runoff version of the NWO!!! It’s true that he says “history always repeats itself” because they’re doing the same exact time NWO did with the mid-card talents

      • Knock

        Dude stop hating on the man

        • Thomas Holbrook II

          I’m not hating. Just calling a spade a spade. He complained and whined in WCW about how all the older guys are pushing down the younger talent, and what did he do later on? Oh right….

          Let’s see….

          He claimed he was the reason why most wrestlers in major companies get guaranteed money. Wrong! It was Eric Bischoff’s idea to sign Hogan and Savage and guarantee them a contract. Goldberg was on the rise, and what happened?

          Nash gets the belt, and then the “finger poke of doom.” Now why did TNT and TBS want nothing to do with WCW after the AOL/Time Warner merger? Nash’s time has passed in terms of performing in the ring (old age and his knees not being in the greatest of shape).

          I don’t hate the man. He’s just wrong, and I’m pointing out why.

    • Chain Gang

      Next week, Aces and Eights: Wolfpack! Word life!

    • BAM BAM

      Everything is a repeat..who cares most of the younger crowd doesnt even know who the hell the NWO was or the Four Horsemen or the Freebirds or whoever was big back then..if u seen it befire then shut up stop whinning or stop watching…bitches

    • Josh Powell

      well it pretty sad you got bring old school sell out a show and that why older wrestler dog wrestling today

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Boy Nash sure likes to answer questions no one asks him. The show should revolve around Angle? Didn’t he already have his NWO-rip off group?

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