Kevin Nash Speaks: Dixie Carter’s Reaction, Compares WWE-TNA

On Episode 205 of Tha O Show Radio Program (, Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and the rest of the crew were joined by Kevin Nash. Here are a few highlights.

On the reaction he got when he hit the curtain: “I wanted to take a steal chair and just sit in the middle of the aisle and take it all in because I said its going to be all down hill from here. It couldn’t have been more special. Thank god I was wearing a condom”.

On the amazing reaction he got in WWE compared to lack lustre responses in TNA: “If you’re going to do dinner theatre in Poughkeepsie you’re not going to get the same response as you do on Broadway. Nothing against Poughkeepsie”.

On his business relationship with Dixie carter: “If i had of walked into an office and went to Dixie and said this is what i want to do and this Is what will make me happy, Dixie would have signed off on it in 30 seconds”.

On how Dixie reacted to Nash in the Royal Rumble: “She was out of the country. I guarantee you she was happy for my response and happy I was happy”.

On waiting a long, long time for Rey Mysterio to hit the 6-1-9: “Rey put his life in my hands when I threw him off a trailer like a lawn dart 15 years ago. It felt like I was paying back a buddy”.

On why HHH did not work the Rumble: “Paul had no desire at that point [to get in the ring]. He is working in the office and walking around with a clipboard. Vince and Steph feel the company needs his mind more than his body right now. Whenever he comes back though, it’s a game changer. When i found out he [HHH] wasn’t working, I asked if it was the buddy system [not wanting to steal pop from Booker or Nash] and that’s how I took it”.

On one last run: “it’s up to creative. Every guy in the business thinks they have one last run, and the truth is, they do – if creative is in compliance with that. I told them i’d go as hard as i can for as long as i can until i break down”.

On his newly signed WWE Legends contract: “It has verbiage that says you are subject to wrestle. I looked at it as, I’m making a 5 year commitment that I’m not going anywhere else, and if i do they can’t market any part of me”.

On his current status: “I could go back to TNA and wrestle for them tomorrow, they just can’t put me in a video game – oh wait, they don’t have one. They couldn’t do a doll, well they could. They could do a doll [like they did before] with a likeness that Vince owns. They [TNA] put out a doll of me with long brown hair. My contract with them said they would market my TNA likeness. I asked Terry Taylor to show me a picture of when I ever worked in TNA with long brown hair. Jakks said. ‘sorry it was a dye problem from China’ … you have to look at the doll. Jakks had a 2003 Ruthless Aggression Diesel doll and they slapped a Nash logo on it with the same Diesel head, and it was just bogus man.

About him possibly working WrestleMania: “A lot of people don’t know this but the match being discussed is Oz versus Khali, and the stip that will kill us is … nothing off the top. Iron Man Match. Chilean coal miners glove on a pole match”.