Kevin Nash Speaks On His WWE Status

Posted by Michael Bluth February 26, 2011 14 Comments

Kevin Nash posted the following on his Twitter….

“I’m back in the WWE family. Last time you saw me was a surprise, correct? The next time you see me will be just as much of one. Right?

I have a 5 year contract with the WWE. I’m sure in the next 5 yrears, You All will hear the Diesel engine again. Trust me.”

Nash is known for having some fun on the internet, so we should probably take what he says with a grain of salt.

  • Random-English-Fella

    Having fun? You mean he lies

  • Hollow Bonez

    Im pretty interested to see what the WWE creative will do with Deisel if he signs with them. I’d rather see him in the WWE than TNA.

  • Juice Box

    When Nash does anything at wwe he’s a hero, he’s God….but when he does it at TNA he’s washed up & old.

    • Raven


    • Random guy

      The difference is WWE doesn’t use him to bury younger guys, and TNA did. That’s why people don’t like the older guys in TNA.

      • Juice Box

        Random guy oh please that’s BS! The real reason is not about younger talent it’s just personal bias toward TNA. I don’t hear anyone complaining about how John Cena screws the so called younger talent, likewise Undertaker, Kane, HHH, etc.

        • Random guy

          Bwa ha ha!!! People have been saying for YEARS how HHH has held people back. Cena has gotten the same reputation recently as well. They only put over other stooges that aren’t a threat to their “spot”.

          Taker and Kane have spent that same time putting over damn near everyone they work with. Without worrying about losing their spots. Because they understand that there is room for everyone. Both guys, Taker especially, have tremendous respect from the locker room.

          Normally I wouldn’t attack anyone on here, but where the hell have you been for the last 10 years? You must be a crazy person.

          • ED

            Well done Random Guy. This just illustrates how so many people post here based on emotion without knowing a damn thing about what they’re talking about.

          • Juice Box

            so for the past 3 years, who exactly are these younger guys that are in the spot light? Miz? Sheamus? in reality they’re just jobbers for Orton, Edge, Cena & HHH…at some boring ppv they’ll win the title and then at the big one they lose to the ‘top guys.’
            But let me ask you something, what’s the point of watching wrestling? for some good quality matches right? when was the last time wwe produced one? Despite all the crap & politics going on at TNA now, I can safely say their matches are top level.

        • non random guy

          undertaker and kane dont bury anyone moron, and cena is the young talent dipsh**, what is cena been wrestling for? what? maybe 9, 10 years? lol yep hes old and actually i cant stand cena, and TNA’s old is 50-60′s wwe old is 30-40′s look it up

  • baltazor


    i want him to wrestle Big Show again.

    • stinger

      just like in souled out of 1998 but they should wrestle in Wrestlemania this year

  • JoeyJoe

    Big Daddy Cool…. What can I say? Hes good friends of HHH, HBK, Hall, X-Pac, and Vince. So, maybe the return of “The Clique” is in the making or DX, maybe the return of the NWO. I just hope whatever they decide to do with Big Kev, HHH, HBK,(i know hes retired but you never know) I hope its for the 5 yrs that he so-calls signed for and makes Stink i mean Sting regret signing back with TOTAL NON ACTION (TNA)

  • this guy

    if vince wants money and ratings he’ll get the kliq back togetgher at wm (minus scott hall cause sobriety is his worst enemy) and have them beat done the undertaker after the match or something like that

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