Kevin Nash Speaks On TNA, The nWo, & Shawn Michaels

Posted by Michael Bluth March 2, 2011 6 Comments

The Miami Herald posted an article with quotes from recent WWE signee Kevin Nash from the Miami Comic Con. Here are the highlights:

On TNA: “I had a good relationship with [TNA President] Dixie [Carter] and enjoyed my time there. I have a lot of friends in TNA. It was just time for me to move on. There are so many more opportunities in a larger organization like WWE, especially outside of the ring, that it was pretty much a no-brainer.”

Any idea nWo would get that big: “No. We thought it would have legs but not like that — not to that degree.”

Will he be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame?:
“Not my call. I think everybody would [want to be inducted], especially anybody who’s put 20 years of their life into something, but I’m so happy for Shawn, and I’m looking forward to watching Shawn be inducted.”

  • ED

    Nash’s comments about it being a no-brainer, so many more opportunities in WWE than TNA…how is it that Sting didn’t realize that? I’m starting to wonder if WWE ever did actually make an attempt to sign Sting, or if it was a TNA-crafted rumor to make his eventual return to TNA seem more dramatic…I doubt they’d be clever enough to pull something like that off though.

    • Random guy

      I’m asking myself the same thing. There isn’t anything left for Sting in TNA. Unless they managed to find a huge amount of money to pay the guy.

      You are right. TNA wouldn’t be clever enough to do create that rumor. Don’t forget. They are a company that plans angles with guys that don’t even work for them. So they obviously aren’t that intelligent.

    • Wrestlehead

      Sting has never had an interest in working for Vince, period. They have talked many times before but to no avail. He is arguably the biggest star in the business never to have worked for WWE and he has nothing left to prove in the business, so I say he should go out on his own terms.

  • Fons

    Bring back the Nwo white and Nwo wolfpack

    • Syxx

      what’s the nWo white? I must’ve missed that

      • AFtermath

        There’s NWO purple. For gays like Fons.

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