Kidd Talks WWE Return, Sin Cara/CMLL, Henry Interview, JBL & Cole Show

-As we reported yesterday, Tyson Kidd is set to return to WWE television sometime in September of this year. Kidd responded to the report on his Twitter account with the following tweet:

“Apparently I’m coming back in September, I really hope my knee is listening to the ‘journalists’ on the Internet……. #workhorse”

-WWE Superstar Sin Cara was backstage at the CMLL show at Arena Mexico on July 19th visiting family and friends who were at the show. This was Sin Cara’s first time back at Arena Mexico, as he was previously banned from the building after he left CMLL to sign with WWE.

-KTBC FOX 7, the local FOX affiliate out of Austin, Texas has a new one-on-one video interview up on their official website with current WWE Superstar Mark Henry. You can check that out online at

-WWE has posted the latest edition of the JBL & Cole Show on their official YouTube channel. The description for this week’s show reads: “Cody Rhodes can’t seem to get JBL’s cowboy hat off of his head – no matter which Superstar he enlists to help him…” You can check that video out online at

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