Knockout Suffers Injury While Dancing, Update On Aces & 8s Leader

Posted by Matt Boone October 10, 2012 6 Comments

- TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Miss Tesssmacher suffered a pulled hamstring at a house show last Friday in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She admitted on Twitter that the injury occurred when she performed a dance move mid-match. She has since said she’s doing better and plans to defend her title as scheduled against Tara this Sunday at Bound For Glory.

– According to, a cloaked Eric Bischoff appeared as a mouthpiece of Aces & Eights on recent episode of Impact Wrestling. The website, however, notes that Bischoff is not the leader of the group and was done to keep viewers guessing.

– This Sunday night before the Bound For Glory, SpikeTV will air a special Countdown to Bound For Glory one-hour broadcast previewing the pay-per-view event. The broadcast airs at at 7:00 p.m. TNA has released the following video promoting the show.

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    • 40 dawg

      Tna is more than 2 months in on the aces and 8″s storyline and they still haven’t decided who is in it or who the leader is? Not a good way to do business. At least wwe always thinks about how the storyline is gonna go to the finish before they put it on tv. First it was jarrett that was gonna be the leader, then it was gonna be garrett bitchoff now they throw eric in the mix but then say it won’t be him. TNA MAKE UP YOUR F’N MINDS. Cuz no matter who you choose it still will be underwhelming and probably stupid or nonsensical cuz they don’t wanna spend any money on new top name talent.

    • Captain Chaos

      I still won’t be surprised when it turns out to be Hogan, as I said at the onset of this storyline.

    • Jack silver

      This storyline is great for a Tag Team come back. Team 3D a come back, bring back Alex Shelly for MCMG ( If Chris Sabin is still injured or not ) come back. Bring in Homicide to team with Hernandez re-form L.A.X. again come back. I know he’s with Chavo, but I see Chavo as a singles competitor. But yes A great Tag Team Storyline of a Tag reunite.

      1. Team 3D

      2. MCMG

      3. L.A.X

      And for Tesssmacher That wouldn’t have happened if you had Streched first. .

      • 40 dawg

        Dude I agree with you on wanting the original lax and the guns back. Team 3d not so much. But the really big thing your missing is tna 1-don’t have homicide and shelley under contract, 2-sabin is on his way out and 3- tna’s cheapness means none of the wrestlers I mentioned will come back.

        • Jack silver

          That’s true. But I can only wish, If TNA Stop being soooo cheap and smart up.They might actually have a chance. May take a bit, But have a chance

    • Wall

      i will be shocked if it isnt hogan or either bishoff… but sense both hogan and eric think they are still relevant it most likely will be.

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