Konnan Talks Max Moon & Why He Left WWE, ROH Star To NXT?

Posted by Brad Davis September 27, 2013 0 Comment

– WWE.com has published an interview with Mexican wrestling legend , who talks about his time working with WWE in the early 90’s as and why he ultimately left the company. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Inspiration For The Max Moon Character: “Here I was a Hispanic bi-lingual wrestler in 1991 and back then they didn’t know how important the Latin demographic was. In no way did me being Hispanic ever come up. We were just shooting around ideas and I told him that when I was wrestling in Japan, I saw this Japanese anime cartoon robot on TV that shot confetti and fire. He asked if I knew anybody that could design it. By chance, I knew a guy in Los Angeles who was a designer. Vince is a merchandising genius and he loved it. I told him I wanted to fly into the ring.”

Why He Left WWE: “Because I knew English, Vince assumed I knew how to wrestle American style. He put me in the ring with some American wrestlers, but I couldn’t have good matches, so he let me bring wrestlers from Mexico to wrestle with me. They were even going to call me Latin Fury. I didn’t care what they were going to call me. I just thought it was a really cool looking outfit. It was very futuristic. But what ended up happening was I started to get tired of lugging all these boxes to WWE events. At the same time, business was starting to pick up for me in Mexico.”

– As previously reported, Ring of Honor star recently worked a WWE NXT television taping. To update his situation, Marshall’s contract with ROH recently expired and he’s been working on a per-appearance deal with them. No word on whether WWE is interested in signing him.