Kurt Angle Addresses Retirement & Health Rumors

Posted by Matt Boone March 25, 2013 4 Comments

Kurt Angle addressed rumors of retirement and his health on Twitter. Here are a few messages he posted.

“I’m Not Retiring Soon. I Will Wrestle for a few More Years. Where?”

“But I Love TNA. Hmmmm”

“Wrestling Site Did a story on Where I Will Go In 6 Months. 1st of all I’m not Beat Up and Battered. I’m 110 Percent Healthy. I’m Gonna D …”

Kurt Angle mentioned last year that he wouldn’t wrestle past the age of 46. Angle is currently 44 and turns 45 on December 9th.

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    • Gokule

      Time for Kurt to go back to WWE

    • The People’s Champ

      Nothing would be cooler than seeing Kurt go back to WWE. I do watch TNA, but to me Kurt just doesn’t seem to be in the WHC picture anymore. Going back to the WWE for a title run would be amazing. Give Swagger the title at WM or sometime after. Sign Kurt back. Swagger vs. Angle, PATRIOTISM, PURE WRESTLING, BATTLE OF THE ANKLE LOCKS!

    • Kage

      I’d rather Kurt stay in TNA and take a management role. He would be wasted in WWE, IMO.

    • Josh

      To you guys wishing Kurt to go to WWE,that’s not gonna happen.
      He’ll get buried by Cena and Punk right away because of how he outright dissed Vince when Vince allowed him to be released from his contract for “medical reasons” and went right into the arms of TNA.

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