Kurt Angle Confirms Interest In WWE Return, Goldust Talks New Moves

Posted by Matt Boone February 10, 2014 2 Comments

- WWE Superstar Goldust recently spoke to PE.com to promote this week’s WWE SmackDown television taping in Ontario, California. During the interview, Goldust talked about doing new moves in the ring lately. “I want to do something that I’ve never done. Something that everyone looks at and says ‘Goldust can’t do that. Oh my God, Goldust just did that!’ And leave them with ‘I can’t believe Goldust just did that, that is awesome!’”

– A fan recently asked Kurt Angle is the rumors that he wants to return to WWE are true. In true Kurt Angle fashion, he simply replied, “It’s true.”

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    • Kirvann Samlal

      It’s true It’s true…However hogging the title picture like Batista is doing should not be his prerogative. He should come back and challenge the Authority as a babyface or challenge Bryan as a heel in a technical showdown. During his run, he should earn a title shot, not be given one…

      • yoyo

        That’s not how WWE works. They will bring in part-timers and veterans with huge promises. Hey Kurt, how about you end Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania?

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