Kurt Angle Declines TNA Contract Offer

Posted by Brad Davis July 10, 2014 10 Comments

TNA star Kurt Angle was Jim Ross’ guest on this week’s Ross Report podcast on PodcastOne.com. During the interview, Angle revealed that he was recently offered a new contract from TNA but has not signed it. Angle said his current TNA deal expires on September 21st and was very clear that the next contract he signs will likely be his final run as an active wrestler. After his recent knee surgery, Angle said that he’ll be able to wrestle again by October, but Jim Ross urged him to be cautious and not return before he’s fully healed.

Angle, who has been clean and sober for a year, acknowledged that he’s not physically able to compete at the level he used to. Especially without the aid of pain medication, he’s feeling a lot of aches and pains from his long in-ring career. Jim Ross said Angle will probably never be 100% again and asked Angle if it’s realistic for him to get back to 80%. JR said Kurt Angle at 80% is still superior to most of the wrestlers on the WWE roster today and the overall tone of the conversation was that Angle is planning to retire in WWE.

Speaking of Kurt Angle, he also addressed a rumor circulating online (not here) that he was recently on a plane with several WWE writers and was “passed out” during the flight. The rumor stated that photos were taken of Angle while he was sleeping and the photos were circulated backstage at last week’s SmackDown tapings. Angle responded to the report on Facebook:

“I’m excited to say I’m coming up on My 1 year anniversary of being clean and sober. Im Very Humbled. GOD has truly Blessed Me. It’s been a difficult but exciting road to living alcohol/drug free. Then some heartless individuals want to create rumors of Me “passed out” on a plane. Wow! I guess You can’t take a nap on a plane when Youre a recovering addict. But it only makes Me want to stay clean even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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    • AJB2014

      So not declined? Just not signed it. This website is very anti-tna

      • Camp Cornette

        TNA is very anti-TNA.

        • Guest

          Oh no he didn’t.

    • Nicholas Williams

      I hope he makes a return to WWE if it is going to be his last run.

      • Katherine

        Me too. I had a crush on him as a kid lol

    • Hector Naranjo

      Angle vs Undertaker Wrestlemania match that hasnt happened. That can be his retirement match. Or vs Lesnar

      • Nicholas Williams

        I think it was proved this past year that he didnt have it anymore. They should have an official retirement for him though. The match your wanting should have been done during his feud with Taker 8 or 9 years ago… Today with the shape he is in it wouldnt live up to the hype. But people can dream. Now with him and Lesnar.. I think they could put on another 5 star WrestleMania match. But it wouldnt compare to their Mania XIX match, IMO.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny hopes Angle returns to the WWE & uses his classic entrance music so we can sing “you suck” once again. That was always so much fun.

    • hmw

      Return to wwe best for angle and wwe

    • Nick

      I think angle should return WWE have his last match and enter WWE Hall of Fame because TNA’s Hall of Fame is a joke.

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