Kurt Angle Reveals When He Will Retire

Posted by Brad Davis June 1, 2012 6 Comments

– Kurt Angle set a time frame for the end of his career on Wednesday, tweeting:

“I Will Not Wrestle Past 46 Yrs Old. I Love U All GOD Bless.”

Angle, who is 43 years old, turns 46 on December 9, 2014.

– ImpactWrestling.com has added Brooke Hogan to their roster page.

– Mickie James, who was off television for weeks prior to returning at Thursday’s live Impact, joked about her lack of television time in recent weeks after being asked on Twitter whether she will be on the show.

“I am! At least I’m going! *almost forgot I worked there* Haha!”

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    • Sick in the head

      If I had Mickie on my roster, I would book an angle where I’m in charge and Mickie would “serve” my every need and desire, and in return, I would give her a championship match. Oh if that dream were a reality………………………………

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        Truly living up to your user name

        • MMM


      • Sicker in the head

        Oh man, thanks for putting that in my head. Mickie and Beth on my Dickie in Bed.

    • Mark Henry

      Angle needs to go back to WWE asap then. I know there’s 1 more good run for him there. Only thing that sticks in my head about his TNA run is when he fought Sting in the empty arena and Sting ripped 1 of the funniest/best promo’s I’ve ever seen. Go youtube (sting empty arena), click the top 1 and go to the 2:50 mark.

    • ……

      Angle will retire in a WWE ring 46 or not…

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