Kurt Angle Says His 80-Year Old Mother Has Been Robbed

Posted by Brad Davis March 29, 2012 Comments are off

TNA star Kurt Angle says his 80 year old mother was robbed this week by a few “criminal lowlifes” from the Dominican Republic. Here’s what Angle posted on Twitter regarding the situation:

My Mother Who is 80 Yrs Old was robbed from Criminals from Dom Republic. They Said My Nephew Was in jail and Needed $5,000 to Bail Him Out

These Criminals Need to be Arrested @ their ass kicked!Taking Advantage of an 80 year old Woman With Little $.Watch out for these Criminals

This Scam Happens A lot. If I Ever Come Across these Criminals, and I Will find U, I Will Make You Pay, with Pain! Trust Me

One Name is Otto Ramirez. I Will fly to Dominican Republic and Find You. I Also Know U Have a Contact in My Hometown for this Scam

I Will Find You All! You Are Scum!

my Mother Doesn’t Have A lot of Money and I try 2 Help Her,but Lowlifes Robbing an 80 year old Woman need their Ass Kicked

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