Kurt Angle Speaks On A Possible WWE Return, His Drug Addiction, Personal Issues

The following are highlights from a recent interview with TNA star Kurt Angle:

On a possible return to WWE: “I can’t say I’€™ll never go back. My contract is up in eight months, so we’€™ll see.”

On going for an Olympic Gold Medal contributing to his drug addiction: “I realize now I can’€™t. There’€™s nothing I can do that will top that. Nothing. Not pro wrestling, not acting, not getting into MMA. Nothing will give me that feeling. I need to stop competing with myself. I tend to try to outdo myself quite a bit. But if I don’€™t do that, I don’€™t think I’€™ll ever be satisfied. I like to challenge myself all the time.”

On his divorce and other personal issues: “The divorce and my personal issues have been a blessing. Now my life is in a much better place. I’€™m clean and sober, and I don’€™t want to go back.”

Check out the complete interview online at WEEI.com.