Latest Backstage News On CM Punk’s WWE Status, Plans Going Forward

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2014 37 Comments

WWE is reportedly continuing to distance themselves from CM Punk, with the assumption being that he will not be returning to the company.

One source within WWE noted recently that the script for the WWE Flintstones DVD project, which was originally slated to feature Punk, has been re-written. The script now features Rey Mysterio in a more prominent role.

Additionally, the Camp WWE animated series, which is expected to debut later in 2014, will also see Punk being removed.

Punk is, however, expected to remain as a character in the WWE Slam City animated series. The reason for that is the 24-episode series, which will serve as a promotional vehicle for the action figure line of the same name, has already been completed. Punk’s name will not be used in the promotional material for the show, and while his character will remain included, it will be downplayed in the publicity.

Finally, Punk has been taken off of all WWE promotional videos that air during live events and television tapings, including all of the footage of his recent WrestleMania match against The Undertaker. The clips of his bout with Undertaker were removed from a WrestleMania music video package that has been running in the arena’s at the start of every taping.


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    • Shockmaster

      Benoit treatment.

      • rozay

        I couldn’t have said it better myself

      • duh

        only this reason is far less valid

    • D

      Good. Stay gone.

      • troll

        so glad he’s gone. Hes always complaining and thinks he needs a break all the time.
        if he stopped trying to learn mma for babies, and instead gained a little muscle, maybe he would have been pushed more.

    • Bulkster

      Good riddance.

    • Tugboat

      Ah man, well now who’s gonna whine non stop or toot their own horn depending on the situation? I’ll admit Punk was cool until he became the Yankees.(Or at least thought he was)

    • KennyD

      What IF this is all the most elaborate “WORK” ever by the WWE ? We know that Punk was working with some serious injuries .
      Now, I ask you , What IF when Punk “Walked Out” ; he was mearly taking time off to rehab his injuries ?
      Remember ; the WWE released brand new CM Punk merchandise the very next day after his “walk out” …..
      Again; what If .. at the HOF ceremony the night before Mania ; Punk was to show up and cause a scene with Triple H ; Perhaps setting the stage for a match at Wrestlemania ?
      OR … What if … CM Punk shows up at Wrestlemania and comes out for the Royal Rumble ? Has His Match with Hunter ? Maybe even gets in on the Title match ?
      I’ll tell you what would happen … It would blow the roof off the venue at Mania .. bringing things to a near RIOT …. Every wrestling magazine , newspaper, and publication – media outlet would go crazy … carrying on about how the WWE pulled this “Work” off … WWE stock price would almost for sure rise ….
      So; I’ll tell ya’ … I won’t believe that Punk is gone from the WWE until after Mania .. and NO CM Punk .
      Perhaps I am wrong .. I’ve been wrong a couple of times in my life …. Hopefully; this is not one of them ….

      • kiko

        If you still think this is a work, you’re delusional. He’s gone, and sadly until hearing it out of Punk himself, he’ll remain gone.

    • Derp

      The same people complaining that Punk is whining probably never watched the Attitude Era, where Stone Cold did exactly the same thing. But of course, nobody is gonna sit around and call Stone Cold a bitch or anything. The people who post on this site are fucking retarded. Blind sheep who don’t have the balls to question or challenge authority. Pussies. Punk did the right thing. Hopefully the WWE won’t make the stupid mistake of bringing in some loser part timer again and pushing him over someone who gave 150% for the business to get pissed on.

      • Guest

        Big difference was that Austin didn’t complain after he had gotten a push to get himself another push and once he got his 2nd push deciding to start bitching and moaning constantly about wrestling hurt and putting people over. Also another difference is that Austin himself admits that him leaving the company at that time was a mistake I doubt under similar circumstances Punk would do the same.

        • Derp

          At the same time, the WWE wasn’t bringing in part timers who trashed the company. Brock talked a whole lotta shit about WWE fans when he left. Same with Bore-tista. Sure Bore-tista isn’t part time yet, but he will be when he goes into movie start status like The Rock does. Also, Punk is a prideful person, he shouldn’t have to admit what he did was wrong, because it wasn’t. If he feels it was wrong, he’ll admit it.

          • D

            Austin walked out on a King of the Ring qualifier match on RAW. CM Punk walked out on the beginning of a WrestleMania match build. There’s a big difference there. Not to mention, Punk is nowhere near in the same ballpark as Austin.

            • CS99

              You can try to convince yourself as much as you want, doesn’t change the fact that Austin did the EXACT SAME THING. You’re right though when you say Punk wasn’t in the same ballpark as Austin, but that makes Austin leaving almost just as worse even considering the difference in timing. Austin was the undeniable face of the company (though many would justifiably say the co-face along with The Rock), the biggest name of the industry! His disappearance in that era was undoubtedly a bigger blow than Punk’s in this current era.

      • Bulkster

        This whole post is idiotic and wrong. Screw Punk, Screw you, and screw anyone who doesn’t have the sense to know that Punk is a whiny loser, and quitter.

        • chrissi calvert

          So do you know the real reason why Punk left because if not then SHUT UP. Theres more complicated reasons as to why Punk left than what we know as everything we’ve heard about it has come from “sources within the company”. These sources may not have liked Punk so they could be spreading shit around about him.

          Punks burned out, hes been wrestling for the last 18 months (that we know of, possibly longer) with an Injury and has zero time off to heal. Hes annoyed that part timers and old faces have returned to the company and walked straight into title shots over wrestlers that have been with the company week in week out, 360 days of the year busting their asses every night. So until you learn the facts, stop complaining that Punk is a “whiny loser”

          • Bulkster

            It doesn’t matter the real reason why Punk left. He walked out on his contract and left his fans hanging high and dry. He could’ve at least told Chicago he wasn’t going to be there. The dude isn’t only a loser, he’s a dick. If I were you, I’d hop up off it.

            • chrissi calvert

              So you think its OK for someone to perform every night with potential broken bones with no regard for their health and to have wrestlers who tried to make it in Hollywood come back and just walk into title shots?

              Oh and Punk is NOT a dick, hes grateful to his fans, hes the most brutally honest guy out there when it comes to Q&A sessions, esp at places like Comic Con where he buys his fans Pizza when they’ve waited hours to see him. No one else would do that for their fans.

            • Bulkster

              Its not ok to screw over your hometown. This much I know. Especially without a tweet or nothing. I can overlook all the other crybaby unprofessional antics like no calling and no showing your job, but I can’t overlook you taking a deuce on your fans. Especially the ones in your hometown.

            • La Verdad

              Go back in time and tell that to Austin back in ’02. Seeing that at the time he was as big a star as anyone else at the time aside from the Rock, undoubtedly the most iconic name next to the Rock globally, the way he left the company in 2002 had 10 times the effect, a colossal effect on the company than Punk’s leaving had in today’s era.

            • Bulkster

              That was a loser move by Austin as well. No denying it. Walking out on your contract is never acceptable unless you’re being assed to do something lawfully and I’d argue morally wrong. Otherwise, you put on your big boy pants and you listen to your boss and or abide by your contract. Punk, Austin, Hogan, Snagglepuss it doesn’t matter.

            • chrissi calvert

              He was never advertised for that show so technically he didnt screw his hometown. Punk will tweet when hes ready to, he probably gets millions of tweets a day from fans asking the same question and he may just be trying to negotiate with Vince & the WWE which is why he hasnt tweeted.

            • Problem?

              Punk is a whiny loser? You’re more of a whiny loser yourself

          • Bill

            The fact you are doubting his opinion with your own makes you a dumbass.

      • Ross Smaglinski

        If WWE really wanted too, they could push Seth Rollins to be like another Cm Punk…yeah he doesn’t have the same mic skills but Rollins can be like another Punk…there style is almost the same…I see a little Cm Punk in Seth Rollins… a guy who isn’t afraid to stand up to the Authority

    • mustang

      Move on from this, wait until you hear from the horses mouth. This is all out of assumption with this guy. Bottom line who cares
      Also stone cold did the same too, but he did say he regrets it. Also ppl you can not care the 2, punk was no where near the same league with Austin

    • Mickey Blankenship

      for what it is worth Bret Hart agrees with Punk

    • Boo

      this is just crap! ;( they should bring punk back! and get rid of Brock and batista

      • Ross Smaglinski

        Brock is a huge money draw, I’m glad he’s back, but Batista…well I like the guy, but he should of never won the Royal Rumble..that’s a slap in the face..

    • yoyo

      Punk screwed Punk!

    • Ross Smaglinski

      Yeah there has been people who quit the WWE and the company never did this to them…Punk must of said a little more than I quit for him to be erased from history like Benoit…

    • Get Rekd

      For the people that say that Punk should mustle up more to help him get pushed…get rekd. CM Punk was treated unfairly…Fact. Also, CM Punk was an actual wrestler and entertainer. We are talking about WRESTLING here folks and CM Punk is one of the best Wrestlers in the business besides Daniel Bryan…Facts! The people who are not sympathetic with Punk, you all have NO IDEA what it’s like on a day to day basis in this man’s life so quit looking down on hard working people with such bad judgment. Non of us can judge any of these people.

    • Bulkster

      I don’t know why idiots keep bringing up Stone Cold for. Stone Cold said he was wrong anyway. So if he was wrong for taking his ball and going home, guess what CM Loser is? WRONG!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says everyone is debating whether Punk is right or wrong for leaving. The fact is you are all being duped. This is a well planned out work by the WWE & Punk.

    • Bill

      Good riddance. Keep the whiners out.

    • theseizurecomic

      But is he going to still be in the WWE comic book?

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