Latest from Bray Wyatt, Another Solid Match from Antonio Cesaro, Axel

Posted by Matt Boone July 28, 2013 10 Comments

- Here are some of Bray Wyatt’s latest tweets:

“Time is a concept THEY created to make sure you never know what it is to be free. -Bray Wyatt Disobey? #DownWithTheMachine”

“@WWE Crazy is a label that learning men use to explain things they cant understand. Im only as crazy as you are blind #DownWithTheMachine”

– Antonio Cesaro continues to receive “match of the night” and “match of the year” mentions. He wrestled Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel in a 30 minute match that was called “match of the night” at last night’s WWE live event in Sydney, Australia. Axel worked as a babyface and a fan in attendance noted that he played the role well.

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    • Bam Bam

      good maybe WWE will push antonio again.

    • Undertaker316

      i think its best to put cesaro with paul heyman now that heyman turned on cm punk putting him with colter and swagger doesn’t make sense because colter and swagger are against immigrants and they have someone thats not from the US teaming with them

      • Ice

        No Cesaro doesn’t need no managers. He works fine on his own and is a amazing heel. He receives so much heat from the crowd, especially when he used to carry around the U.S. Flag

    • Not Chris Jericho

      psss, hey WWE, yeah come over here, I’ve got something to tell you. Stop punishing Kassius Ohno and call him up. Team him with Antonio Cesaro to reform the Kings of Wrestling. Fans shit bricks, freak out, and you make more money. You’re welcome!

      • Nathan Shane Long

        shut the hell up you idiot RING OF HONOR MARK

        • Al Oli

          Kings of wrestling didn’t only wrestle in ROH. Stupid MARK.

          • Nathan Shane Long

            that where they got famous DUMBASS MARK not CZW or CHIKARA

            • Not Chris Jericho

              Well, for the record. I’ve seen maybe 2 ROH matches in my life and neither of them involved the Kings of Wrestling, but its obvious the quality of wrestling and characters is better in ROH. Especially since the industry’s current top stars all came from ROH.

              Oh and btw…I CAN USE CAPITALS TOO!!!! Mr. “that where they got famous” hurr hurr can I has some pork n’ beans a misses Johnson I promises I’ll be good.

    • @mhmmdr13

      He deserves a title match againd DB !!

      they had a great match in RAW

    • Ted Gal

      we need to see more of Daniel brayn vs Antonio cesaro

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