Latest News On CM Punk/WWE Situation, Note On His “Talking Dead” Appearance

Posted by Matt Boone March 27, 2014 7 Comments

There reportedly continues to be absolutely no communication lately between CM Punk and WWE. Punk has apparently been completely out of communication with people that he has been friends with in the past. Some find the level of absolute silence on the Punk situation surprising.

Speaking of Punk, as previously reported, his appearance on AMC’s “Talking Dead” was one of the higher rated editions of the show. While many attributed the spike in ratings due to it being Punk’s first television appearance in a while — and it likely did help — it was also said that the episode of “Walking Dead” that preceded it had a controversial ending, which likely led to more viewers sticking around for the post-show.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • me

      “Walking Dead” is not CM Punks first tv apperance. That honnor goes to a Halloween edition of “Ghost Hunters”.

      • Michael Robert Tomasso

        His first “live” TV appearance since leaving WWE was on the walking dead. I think you misunderstood something there my friend.

    • Bulkster

      ***Breaking News*** C.M. Punk still isn’t speaking to anyone in WWE. Side note, is appearance on Talking Dead may or may not have been responsible for a slight spike in ratings.

      This article was so insightful. I really learned something new.

    • Dan Pedreyra

      @Bulkster:disqus haha.This “news” site is run by marked out fans. They dont know anymore ….and in fact less…..than anyone else. They barely scrape together anything interesting and when they do they say its “word in the lockeroom” haha… no.

      • Will $teel

        its simple find another site then. no need to hate.

        • Dan Pedreyra

          Noone is hating…..but if you are “reporting” news…..then get it and double check it….dont just post fake news. Someone needs to tell them that..otherwise the people that read this are just being led on. Fans will be fans…but just have them put that as a side note. There was no “word in the lockerroom.” Just don’t mislead people.

    • DZT

      He is coming back at Mania to have a year long feud with DB …. Calling it now even if maybe wrong

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