Latest News On Sting Coming To WWE

Posted by Matt Boone January 23, 2014 18 Comments

According to the latest reports, WWE officials seem to be under the impression that Sting will be coming into the company for WrestleMania XXX.

The company has been forced to wait to begin official negotiations with Sting until his TNA contract expired, but as of late, the talk in WWE is that it’s going to happen this year.

Only Sting himself really knows what his actual plans are at this point, but the impression WWE officials have is that they will end up reaching a deal.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Chris_Is_Awesome


    • Derp

      This better happen. I would actually pay for the PPV to see Sting vs. Undertaker.

      Sting vs. The Undertaker may be the biggest match booked of all time, if it actually happens.

      • debra

        it won’t happen.

    • AVPredator4985

      SEScoops is better..

    • Rockman Rex

      Now if we can steal Kurt Angle back, it will be all gravy.

      • TheMachineX2

        what a joke. please take that drunk, broke neck piece of crap back to wwe . he sux in TNA. Kurt’s GAME IS SOO LAME!

        • Taio Smalls

          Uncalled for man, some of my favorite matches featured again.

        • Derp

          TheMachine is a fool. Kurt Angle is one of the best technical wrestlers alive. Broken neck, DUIs, whatever. The man is one of the best.

          • TheMachineX2

            oh c’mon now, best technical wrestlers ? he ‘s got about 3 moves ankle lock, angle slam, and German suplex what else does he do? you probably don’t even watch him in TNA, I watch every week. Seriously if he left TNA it wouldn’t be a big deal.

            • Derp

              You obviously never saw him in the olympics. Move along Stupid.

            • TheMachineX2

              I watched the match via YouTube . He didn’t pin his opponent, nor make him submit . It was awarded to him and was highly controversial too – watch it and listen to all the boo’s as well as the color commentary when decision was announced. If you ask my opinion it was pretty close.

    • Gerard

      If some one going to end the Undertaker’s streak, it should be done by Sting

      • Hector Naranjo

        No, sting should be the last person to be considered to end the streak. I would like to see the match, but Taker has remained loyal to WWE to have someone who hasn’t been in the WWE end his streak

      • Ray

        No one should end the streak.. Even tho taker wants to drop it to Bryan I think he should end undefeated

    • joker77


    • john

      Me and all my family only ever watched tna cause of sting .sting and wwe yea he wont be a lot of matches but my huge family will be watchn wwe from now on for the rare times he does .tbh he has a lot of followers that will brang even more people to wwe and network

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks it would be great if Taker took on Sting at WM XXX. Two guys who started out together having their careers come full circle. They could have great match & hit plenty of high marks, but the WWE needs to let the Taker retire undefeated in WM competition.

    • joe dittmore

      what is involved in a wwe physical the doctors look for and why do people think Kurt angle wont pass a wwe physical he doing fine in TNA

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