Latest on Lawler: Concern, Vince McMahon Note, Fan Video and More

Posted by Matt Boone September 11, 2012 8 Comments

- Below is fan video of paramedics tending to Jerry Lawler at RAW last night. The video was shot from high up but press play at your own discretion.

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho commented on Lawler via Twitter:

“Best wishes and prayers to @JerryLawler one of my favorite people in the WWE. King has been a champion for 40 yrs and he’ll beat this too!”

– Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of are reporting the following details on Lawler early Tuesday morning:

* Lawler wrestled both Friday and Saturday nights in Aruba before heading back to the States and flying to Montreal for RAW yesterday. People with Lawler over the weekend said he had no signs of health problems

* Lawler, still listed in stable condition, had either some kind of heart surgery or a Cardiac catheterization, reports are conflicting. Cardiac catheterization is where a catheter is inserted into a chamber in the heart for investigational and interventional purposes

* There was some concern about blood being cut off to Lawler’s brain and potential damage from that

* While Lawler’s condition is stable, it’s described as still a very serious situation

* Vince McMahon was said to be right by Lawler’s side through the entire ordeal

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    • Captain Chaos

      Really sad to hear about King Jerry Lawler. I didn’t catch Raw live last night, so I already knew about King before I watched it. It kinda overshadowed everything knowing what would transpire. I did feel for Cole, John, Bret and Punk for trying to make the best of the main event segment. Considering, they did a good job. Whether you hate Jerry Lawler or whether you love him, you can’t deny, he’s been a huge asset to WWE over the years. He’s never been a top performer as far as in ring ability is concerned, but he’s been ABSOLUTELY tops, for entertainment value, both as a wrestler, and as a commentator, and I really hope he pulls through this. I’d doubt he’ll ever wrestle again, but i really really hope we get him back on the mic real soon. He was good value for money as a heel commentator when he first started at ringside. With Vince, he was hilarious. With Good ol’ JR he was better. Even now as very much a face and definate fan favourite, he “makes” a lot of WWE products for me, and I miss him already. One thing is for sure, when he does get back onto television or at a live event, and i’m sure he will, he’s going to be really humbled by the reception he gets, certainly equal to that night Bret Hart returned to WWE. It’s also good to know that Vince McMahon did the right thing, and left Raw in the hands of others, to get over to the hospital. If no one else say’s it, I love you, and always have. Get well soon, and get back to WWE when you’re fit too. Best wishes.

    • dr. john christopher

      the best thing for a heart attack is cayenne tincture. make the person drink it or just dump some in their mouth. cayenne is the best especially for gunshots or any massive blood loss.

    • LInda McMahon

      vince is a stand up guy. who else would have canceled the child rapists pat patterson’s after show celebration?

    • Sofa

      no offense but why does let vince a 63 years old jerry the king lawler wrestle isntead of a young talent eg like alex riley

    • Sofa

      no offense but why does let vince a 63 years old jerry the king lawler wrestle isntead of a young talent eg like alex riley

    • 40 dawg

      See this is why the flairs of the world should just stop while they still have their health,and their lives. Wrestling companies should have an age limit on in ring activity both for this purpose. (Lawller) and to just protect against the older wrestlers themselves. But that will never happen cuz it’s all about the money. And vince was probably by his side repeating please don’t sue, please don’t sue.

    • johnny saint

      Very well put CaptainChaos. I applaud you. May i just add that if this was Jerry’s last match, and it most likely was, he got what many others don’t get. He went out with a win albeit in a tag. One other point to note is not only did he continue wrestling on and off because he loved doing it, he did it because the fans loved him doing it, and thats the most important thing to remember. Full marks to wwe for carrying on and full marks for the final segment of the show. Long live the King

    • Bobby Tags

      They say wrestling is fake but we know Jerry’s condition is for real. Get well Jerry we miss you.

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