Latest PWI Top 500 List Revealed, Update On Hulk Hogan’s Potential Movie

Posted by Matt Boone August 20, 2013 15 Comments

-The website has an article up with an update on the Hulk Hogan movie idea. They note that Hogan thinks the actor that played Thor would actually be a better fit as the person to play him, instead of his son Nick. You can read the full article online at

-Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their latest PWI 500 list, which you can check out at The top ten, in order, for 2013 are: John Cena, CM Punk, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Bully Ray, Kazuchika Okada, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Steen.

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    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Do we really need a movie about Hulk Hogan? Wasn’t his reality show enough

    • troll

      anybody would be better than nick. hes got no skills. The only skills he got is spending cash and crashing cars

    • Iron hands

      Cena number 1, not sure about that.Bully Ray ahead of Okada, not about that either.

      • Ken konarzewski jr

        I think Punk/Cena should be switched, I haven’t seen what the grading period was for this year, but none the less, both held the major title of the wrestling business for about 4-5 months each

    • Ray

      The PWI should be in the TNA side too. Or is it only for WWE “superstars?”

      • Ken konarzewski jr

        TNA at one point had AJ Styles as a #1, think he held the TNA title for 2/3 of the grading period

    • Lukey

      Daniel Bryan not being in the top 10 makes the PWI 500 once again laughable

      • Ken konarzewski jr

        Have you looked at the qualifications on how they rank wrestlers? Storyline / Titles held / etc. actually count for these rankings. Not necessarily skill of wrestling

      • nytim

        His huge push right now probably missed the ratings period by a solid four to six weeks.

    • Neil Childs

      So d-bryan not in the list and cena even in the top 10 is complete bullshit.

      • Ken konarzewski jr

        Well Cena held the belt (which is part of the ranking structure for the PWI 500), Daniel Bryan didn’t.

        • Neil Childs

          It shouldn’t go on title reigns it should be on all round superstar for the whole year.

          • Ken konarzewski jr

            But that’s how they do their rankings. PWI is ranking these wrestlers as if this is a real sport.

    • Neil Childs

      Top 5 should be.

      1. Daniel Bryan
      2. CM Punk
      3. Austin Aries
      4. Dolph Ziggler
      5. Randy Orton Or Alberto Del Rio (Both Have Great Matches)

      • nytim

        It’s a magazine though. These ratings are based on where wrestling was six weeks ago, not today.

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