Latest On WWE’s Negotiations With Sting

Posted by Matt Boone February 6, 2014 20 Comments

As of this past weekend, the latest word is that Sting has not yet signed an actual contract with WWE. Those within WWE continue to believe that the deal is very close to being finalized. Right now, it’s believed that Sting and WWE are working on the merchandising portion of the agreement.

The idea, which could obviously change between now and then, is that Sting will not be used at WrestleMania XXX in April, but likely will be used at WrestleMania 31 in California next year.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Kevin S. Nasta

      Who cares at this point he’s 55, cant move anymore and slow in the ring. Next year at 56 going to make it a better sell? Personally I think it’s a terrible move for him to make. He held out this long, should of took a legends contract, HOF induction, some appearances, and merchandise. Getting back in the ring will be as painful as watching Sgt. Slaughter wrestle again

      • Spell Check

        ‘should have’. should. HAVE. I assume you are a grown man. You should have the basic concept of the English language at this point.

        • Kevin S. Nasta

          Thanks grammar troll. Now go back in your hole and wait for the next comment

          • Canuck 703

            Spell Check spazzed on me a while back for doing something similar. Pretty scary they have nothing better to do than flip out on other posters. It’s not like it’s a site for proper English or grammar !!!

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          You shouldn’t have used periods in there, should & have are sentence fragments. I assume you are a homely 14 year old, you should be better at trolling at this point. Save your douchiness for your Beiber-bash boards.

          BOOM! Trolled a troll! Cross that off the bucket list,

          • chris


        • Will $teel

          yooo bihhhh wat da fuk crawled up yo azz??? hahahahahha lame

      • Undertaker316

        1 year of ddp yoga should make him perform as if he was 10 years younger

        • troll

          deep dual penetration yoga. sounds interesting.

        • Bam Bam

          I thought the same thing when i read his comment.

          • Bum Bum

            I think you should do me in the bum bum right now!!!!

    • D

      At least Mania will have some fresh starpower again.

      • Chad

        If by fresh, you mean a 30 year veteran, then yes, fresh star power it is. LOL

    • Crystal

      pee pee

    • anthony j

      See this is stupid, finally the deal is almost done and the fans have to wait another year for the epic match between Sting and The Undertaker? No one cares how old they are or how how fast they move in the ring, they just want to see this match before both wrestlers finally call it quits. Lesnar needs to be put in a triple threat match with Orton and Batista, that will be a big match because (to my knowledge) Lesnar never faced Batista and maybe Orton before.

      • Yes Yes Yes

        Placing Brock Lesnar in the main event at WM is garbage. Brock IS OVER-RATED and needs to leave again. The only way to salvage this main event is to place DBryan in the triple threat. As a long time Danielson fan back to the days of ROH its about time he gets the push he deserves.

    • Ariel

      sting may be old but hes actually a very good wrestler
      hes better then all of 3mb and hes over 50
      I hope they do bring him back though for a year or two before he retires for good
      tna is garbage and hes too good of a wrestler for tna I know they aren’t paying him squat anymore! atleast his paychecks wont be late at wwe like they are at tna

    • Jay Obrien

      More fake news

    • TheMachineX2

      yea he’s not looking good . one TNA’s best moves of recent is to get rid of Sting. Sting has cosmetic issues; his body is soft and fat. his hair is receding and thinning . he has to wrestle with his t-shirt on. all this hype about a possible sting vs. taker match at WrestleMania is ridiculous and severely overrated at best this should be a slightly better than a mid card match on RAW on a Monday night.

      • Yes Yes Yes

        One of TNAs best moves…I dont know if TNA makes any good moves. The product is weak and storylines have no substance. They need to make long term plans and build backwards from that (old school way of doing business) unfortunately its hard to plan more than a week out when you can afford to pay talent

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