Lesnar: “Austin Chicken-Sh**ted Out & Walked Away”

Posted by Brad Davis October 12, 2011 Comments are off

spoke to IGN.com today to promote the upcoming WWE ’12 video game, and had some choice words about Stone Cold

“[Austin] chicken-sh**ted out on me and walked away and didn’t want to participate because he thought that I was getting something too fast too soon and he felt threatened by me.”
Lesnar also noted there is “a guy that’s been on a winning streak for a long time that somebody needs to step up to the plate and finish the winning streak.”

Brock’s beef with Austin comes from an incident in 2002, where WWE officials wanted him to beat Steve Austin cleanly on RAW prior to the King Of The Ring tournament. WWE officials told Austin about their plans 2-3 days before the match would take place. Austin refused to do the match with no build-up, and for free on television — he felt it should be a pay-per-view main event. Austin felt that this spur-of-the-moment decision by WWE meant their creative team was losing their marbles, and he “took his ball and went home.”

Austin wrote this on Twitter regarding Brock’s recent comments:

“So @DCBROCKLESNAR was talking trash about me…very interesting. Gonna finish my beverage and mull this one over…catch y’all tomorrow.

“Trying to go to sleep..but this @DCBROCKLESNAR thing is winding me up a bit… relax…. breath… relax…breathe…. no use..to be continued..”

It’s now 2011, are you still interested in a Lesnar vs. Austin match? Do you think Austin was right, or should he have done as asked by his bosses? Sound off in the comments below.

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