Lesnar To Respond Next Week, Cena-Jericho In MITB WWE Title MAtch

Posted by Brad Davis June 26, 2012 14 Comments

- It was announced on RAW that Brock Lesnar will answer Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge next week on RAW. Footage was shown of Triple H punching out Paul Heyman last week.

It was not said if Lesnar will be live at RAW next week, but he will respond to the challenge.

– John Cena’s “historic announcement” on RAW was that he will be participating in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match at next month’s pay-per-view. Cena said that he’d take out the Big Show (already announced for the match) and would win the WWE title again.

Chris Jericho, who returned on RAW and interrupted John Cena’s promo, told Cena that he’s also entering himself in the match – and Cena will have to go through him.

This week’s General Manager Vickie Guerrero came out and declared that there will be two Money in the Bank matches next month – one for the WWE Championship and one for the World Championship.

Vickie announced the competitors will be all be former WWE Champions – and they are: Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho and John Cena.

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    • Ice

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Cena wins the Money In The Bank. This Sucks!!

      • wwe sucks

        i woudnt wacth mitb…

    • Kub

      having 4 guys in the match and only former champions is the exact opposite of what the Money in the Bank concept was created for.

      • wwe sucks

        they are running out of ideas… only idea they have for past ten years is baby face cena champion

    • mistico

      We all know Super Cena is going to win by lifting both Kane and Big Show up in the AA at the same time!

      • wwe sucks

        lol true supergaycena.. if he loose.. it will never be clean.. and he is geting revenge next nite on raw for sure…

    • Unknown

      i honestly would want kane to win but he probably wont he hasnt held the WWE Title since 1998 after he beat stone cold in a first blood match the good days of RAW

    • Beer Money Jobber

      I’d like to see Kane have one last run as champ. He’s been a consistant performer for years & has been able to carry any storyline.

      • wwe sucks

        he is underrated.. he is far beter performer.. he atleast deserve one more title regin

    • The Miz

      i’ll be betting on y2j to win it.. even though we know its either show or cena who will likely to win it.. who do you think is the other former wwe champ will enter the MITB.. rey? the miz?

      • http://www.facebook.com/jj.vaness.1 Jj Vaness

        They should throw Rey in the mix. He hasnt been on in a year, and he is cleared to wrestle. This would be a great storyline because 1, he held the WWE title for an hour last year, and 2. He works very well with Punk. The only problem is that he is not heel.

    • CenaH8r

      Cena needs to turn heel!!!!!

    • wow

      Having no high flyers is going to be boring the only guy in the match that will be remotely fun to watch in the match will be Jericho

    • Cloud

      4 People? It should be five with Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho,John Cena AND Rey Mysterio.Cause He will return this Monday Night Raw. I hope…

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