Linda Hogan Calls Ultimate Warrior Gay, Denies Accusations

Linda Hogan was on the KQRS morning show today to promote her new book, and made some interesting comments. (Listen) She spoke on Ultimate Warrior’s allegations made in his “karma” videos, and adds a rumor to the pot that she’s heard about Warrior.

“It’s shock value,” she said. “There’s no truth to it as far as I’m concerned. As far as my life and what I’ve done and where I’ve been, absolutely no truth to it at all. I don’t even know that guy. I’ve seen him behind the scenes at wrestling events back in the day. He’s never been to our house. My kids don’t know him. I’ve never met him other than hi or bye at an event. The truth is I don’t know what my husband said to him. I don’t know what they did behind the scenes. I wasn’t even aware what my husband was doing in our marriage behind the scenes recently. In fact, the rumor is that Warrior is gay.”

Linda also expanded on her recent comments, where she compared herself to O.J. Simpson’s late wife Nicole when accusing Hulk Hogan of being violent towards her, saying:

“No disrespect, I’m not comparing myself to her, I was comparing the situation. I put that message in my book. That’s what I wrote the book for was to put that message out to women that you have a decision. If you’re living in a marriage with abuse, and it can come in the form of infidelity, lying, and physical abuse, and as it escalates throughout the years, you tolerate some and it gets a little bit worse, and you tolerate that and it becomes the norm.”