Linda McMahon Responds To More Negative Attacks About Her WWE Past

Posted by Brad Davis May 31, 2012 7 Comments

United States Senate candidate Linda McMahon has been under attack in recent weeks due to her ties to WWE, with two newspapers comparing the wrestling product to pornography. Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, a prospective candidate for the same office Linda is running for, gave a speech last Thursday saying, “I’ll be damned if I let someone who sells sex and violence and pornography for a living be our next United States Senator. We have to send the right woman to Washington.”

The McMahon campaign quickly responded with a great deal of evidence showing Bysiewicz not only strongly endorsed McMahon in the past, but also worked directly with WWE and its superstars. When Bysiewicz was Secretary of State, she worked with Linda on the Smackdown Your Vote campaign and even spoke at high schools with along with WWE superstars. Bysiewicz had previously endorsed McMahon when she was running for the Connecticut Board of Education.

Moving forward, McMahon’s campaign strategy is to reach out to female voters, holding daily women-only meetings across the state.

Check out these recent pictures of the McMahon family at a campaign event for Linda:

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • mark henry

      Linda McMahon sells sex,violence and pornography! Sweet Jesus, get this woman on my TV screen. That’s to good of a gimmick to not be used, WWE programming needs this woman.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      I guess Stephanie McMahon was right…”You don’t screw with a McMahon.” Take that b****! Linda for Senate!

    • Peter

      Running for Senate right away is really tough. Linda should have ran for a lower position, like the congress or run for Governor.

      • Josh

        Um…. The Senate is a part of Congress. It’s the upper house.

    • Wrestlehead

      You’ve got to love American politics, where smear campaigns and mud slinging rule the day. Unfortunately, Linda McMahon’s previous affiliation with the WWE product makes her an easy target when it comes to this sort of thing, even though today’s current product is a far cry from pornography.

    • Broski

      Susan Bysiewicz should have a match against Kane.

      There is no sex and pornography in WWE, if there is, I already watched it!

      About violence, give me a break! Current fans are complaining of the PG era. Attitude era ended in 2001, that’s more than 10 years ago!

    • Linda’s Demon Infested Womb

      My womb will not tolerate this type of accusations.

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