List of 2013 WWE Studios Movie Releases

Posted by Matt Boone November 29, 2012 1 Comment

The 2013 movie release schedule for WWE studios have been released. Some films are expected to be theatrical releases while others will be straight-to-DVD. Here is the list.

* “No One Lives” (Jan. 2013): WWE star in supporting role is Brodus Clay.

* “Dead Man Down”: WWE star in supporting role is Wade Barrett.

* “Marine 3: Homefront”: WWE star in the leading role is The Miz.

* “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded”: WWE star in the leading role is Randy Orton.

* “The Hive”: WWE star in a supporting role is David Otunga, plus Halle Berry in a leading role.

* “Leprechaun: Origins”: WWE star in the leading role is Hornswoggle.

* Coming in 2014: Scooby-Doo themed movie when “Scooby Do and the Gang go to WrestleMania.”

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    • jschutvk

      COOL! Randy Orton’s going to be starring in the movie ” 12 Rounds 2:
      Reloaded”??! I can’t wait to see that movie! Sounds like an incredibly
      enjoyable action movie!!!” Go see this it’s going to be worth it!!!!
      “Marine 3: Homefront”…if you’re a fan of The Miz, go see it!!! What are you
      waiting for??

      If you are a fan of Wade Barrett then… see the movie he’s in, “Dead Man
      Down”!!!! ..A.S.A.P.!!!
      If Brodus Clay is your favorite wrestler, you’d better damn well watch the
      movie, “No One Lives”!!!!
      You like David Otunga?? Then see the movie, “The Hive” that he’s got a
      supporting role in!!!
      Do you like Hornswaggle?? If so, then check out and watch the movie he’s
      in, “Leprachaun: Origins”!!!
      THANK YOU!!!!!

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