List: The Worst Tattoos In Pro Wrestling

Posted by Brad Davis July 15, 2011 2 Comments

Professional wrestling is known for it’s over-the-top characters, physiques, storylines, fashion senses, and now — tattoos. Check out some of the worst ink in the ring…

Generic tacky tribal tattoo design #1

’s belly button tattoo:

Wes Brisco:
It looks like a flesh eating disease slowly crawling up his legs.

’s self-portrait:
This tattoo of The Sandman’s own face on his arm walks the line between horrible and awesome so well that I’m not sure if it should be on this list.

’s ‘tree’ sleeve:
Insert marijuana/trees joke here.

Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer)’s ovaries tramp stamp:
I swear we couldn’t find a version of this picture without the butterflies and unicorns.

And I quote…


Jay Brisco:
These days Jay looks like a generic create-a-character from an old WWE video game.

’s ‘Sara’ tattoo:
Tattoos of your significant others’ names — or worse, faces — are often a bad idea, as The Undertaker found out with this one, which he recently had laser removed.

’s phallic sword:
Brock says he got his tattoo because he felt like there was a knife at his throat. Good thing he didn’t have a pain in his ass.

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