Liz Huberdeau’s Lawyer Claims John Cena Was Cheating on Her

Posted by Matt Boone June 20, 2012 8 Comments

- TMZ has a new article up where John Cena’s estranged wife Liz Huberdeau claims Cena was cheating on her.

Liz’s attorney Raymond Rafool tells TMZ they’ve been getting tips that Cena was messing around while they were married, which, if true, could be grounds for Liz to challenge their prenup agreement.

“We’re definitely following up on every lead relative to his being unfaithful before AND after the separation,” Rafool told TMZ.

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    • KeiraLee

      I have no idea what he did in their marriage, but she certainly isn’t squeaky clean. It only takes an internet search to find photos of her giving other guys lapdances whilst she was married to Cena. Nice try Liz, nice try lol.

    • Chyna

      It was me, John Cena cheated on her with me.

      • Vince McMahon


        • wwe sucks

          sure cena is blowing vince.. otherwise who is dumb to put his untelented ass on tv..

    • Broski

      Gold digger!

    • Justsaying

      that sucks. even if he isnt they could use the whole “hes always on the rode”u knew that befor u married him. she just need to get her life together. honestly money is not going to fix anything

    • Rayge

      If this becomes true, the WWE should use it as a heel turn, because his squeeky clean image will be tarnished anyways. Why not make something out of it.

    • Wrestlehead

      I agree with Raygezilla – turn him heel already. We’ve been screaming for it to happen for months now as it is.

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