Liz Huberdeau’s Lawyer Comments on Her Divorce and Prenup with John Cena

Posted by Matt Boone June 12, 2012 5 Comments

- High-profile lawyer Ray Rafool, who is representing John Cena’s wife Liz Huberdeau in their divorce, recently spoke with about the case.

Cena signed a prenuptial agreement 16 days before his wedding and the effectiveness of that agreement will determine how much money his ex-wife will get. Rafool said:

“In this case, it appears the preliminary issues will be the interpretation of the prenuptial agreement, the application to the parties’ property, assets and income, whether the agreement itself is enforceable or not, which we always consider, and in the mean time addressing the temporary needs of our client in conjunction with and in spite of certain terms of the premarital agreement.” adds that wrestling fans will have to wait a long time to see what happens in Cena’s case. While they cited “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce papers, Rafool says they are keeping the reasons for their divorce under wraps.

“What John has on his mind only John knows, so I can’t give you any other reasons. At this time my client is going to maintain everybody’s privacy.”

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    • hooting hooters hooting

      im thinking liz was trying to make the house her own without what cena wants.
      probably trying to get rid of that room full of military stuff that was given to cena from military personnel
      and maybe something to do with all of cenas cars

      • Gambit

        I kinda see your point here. Remember there are liens placed on Cena’s house maybe the wifey was having work done to the house without telling her hubby

        • kindred1313

          It could be as EZ as steeling from him, I mean If she dipped into funds without telling him, To me that would be a big no no.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      You know marriages suck today when couples divorce over either publicity *cough* Kardashian wedding *cough*, cheating, or over a simple thing like a home makeover, But then again Cena is the one divorcing and the wife looks ugly

    • DiamondChampion

      So if she gets half, then does Cena only have two and a half moves.

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