Macho Man’s Funeral Details, WWE Stars Pay Tribute, More

— Randy Savage’s wife was released from the hospital yesterday.

— There will be no public service or memorial for Randy Savage. He reportedly did not want one, and instead, there will only be a small family service. Randy was known for being a very private person.

Randy’s brother Lanny has stated that Randy will be cremated and his ashes will be spread around Randy’s favorite tree. Years ago, Randy’s loyal dog Hercules passed away, and he was cremated and then his ashes were spread around the same tree.

According to Lanny, Randy had stated, “If it’s good enough for Herc, it’s good enough for me!”

— Last night’s WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view opened with an “In Memory Of” graphic paying tribute to Randy Savage, who passed away on Friday.

CM Punk performed a Macho Man style diving elbow drop during his match against Big Show and Kane, but missed. Wade Barrett also performed a flying elbow from the second rope in his match against Ezekiel Jackson.

Savage was never mentioned by the announcers during the pay-per-view broadcast, nor did any video package air.

— CNN covered the passing of Randy Savage. The news organization referred to WWE as a “wrestling federation.”

— Yesterday would have marked the 44th birthday of Chris Benoit and 47th birthday of Nancy “Woman” Benoit.