Maddox Appearing on RAW, Low Attendance on WWE Tour, SMS

Posted by Matt Boone November 3, 2012 2 Comments

- No word yet on the matches for today’s episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam but TV Guide previews say that Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara will be featured.

– Reports from WWE’s current tour of Europe say that there has been low attendance on both the RAW and SmackDown sides. Apparently ticket specials are being offered and some prices are being reduced for some of the remaining shows.

– reports that Brad Maddox will address his actions at Hell In a Cell live in the ring at this Monday’s RAW from London.

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    • 40 dawg

      Wow can’t wait to see what a REFEREE has to say. This could change the whole wrestling landscape, NOT. Hahaha even overseas is sick of the direction wwe’s been in. Noone showing up overseas, and no crowd reaction in the states. Wwe has to get it, they need better everything. Storylines, feuds and push different people. Or the headliine will read wwe go’s bankrupt cuz vince was stubborn and didn’t think he needed to change anything.

    • 40 dawg’s shadows mother

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