Maddox Comments on Ryback’s Diet, Backstage News on Orton’s Future

Posted by Matt Boone November 11, 2012 11 Comments

- It sounds like WWE will be publishing some workout tips from Brad Maddox as he prepares to face Ryback on Monday’s RAW. Maddox tweeted this weekend:

“If you want to see what the daily routine that leads to beating @Ryback22 on Raw looks like then stay tuned on”

“@Ryback22 needs to find a diet thats suitable for him. I think he’s carb depleted. I know that always makes me grumpy”

- Randy Orton is reportedly in line for a big push within the next 6 months or so. The idea is to build him back up over the next few months.

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  • Randy Orton

    Yep I sucked Vince’s dick again and now I’m gonna get another undeserved push

    • Triple H

      Quick Grab me my shovel

  • Ryback


    • John Cena Fan Kid

      Daddy what’s a whore

      • The Rock Fan Father

        Your mom

  • Kevin Nash

    *yawns* What a beautiful morning to seek attention I’ll just get out of bed and… FUCK I TORE MY QUAD AGAIN FUCK SHIT PISS CUNT

    • Kurt Angle

      I could tear my quad… With A Broken Freaking Neck!

  • HollyWood Hogan

    I was offered to retire but I turned it down BROTHA!

  • Ric Flair

    Retirement? What’s that?

  • Nicholas Williams

    They need to fire every single person on creative in WWE and then hire 12 main writers (2 for every championship) and 8 undercard writers to make good matches instead of nothing but squash matches. They need to build good feuds, use the mid-card titles correctly, build a strong tag division, and get the best women wrestlers there are (not little models who dont wanna break a nail).

  • Iron Sheik


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