Magnus Talks About Dropping The TNA World Heavyweight Title

Posted by Brad Davis April 15, 2014 4 Comments

Former TNA Champion was a recent guest on Ring Rust Radio, hosted by Donald Wood. Here’s what he said about dropping the title to Eric Young on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling:

“It’s a different story once you’ve tasted the success of being Champion. It doesn’t make you want it any less; if anything it just makes you want it even more. I’m looking forward to locking up with EY again. I know a lot of people were surprised at the outcome but it’s nice to be able to surprise people sometimes. I think that the viewing figures all through my reign as champion can kind of point to the fact that people are just interested in what we’re doing now and that it’s fresh and exciting, and if I can be a small part in that as the Champion, then great. Honestly yeah, it’s never fun to lose a championship but, at the same time, this is a business and we’re in this to generate interest in what we’re doing. If we can do some good business then that’s what it’s all about and that’s a very exciting thing and I’m looking forward to doing more.”

“With EY, he’s a great competitor and in a lot of ways he has had to wait his turn and has gotten the crappy end of the stick many, many times over the years and through different regimes in this company. I was glad he was able to be portrayed in the right light and was able to get where he needs to be. I’m sure there has been a lot of criticism against me for many things, like there is against anyone especially when they become a top guy, but I think one thing that no one can deny is that while I’ve been on top anyone who’s been in there with me has come out looking better on the other end.”

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There are 4 Comments

  1. SouthSide
    - April 15, 2014
      -   Reply

    and now the company is DOOMED for sure as Eric Young as their champion! Reminds me of when David Arquette was WCW’s champ and you know what happened with that company!

    • Kris Godwin
      - April 16, 2014
        -   Reply

      Yes, because when I think of a supremely talented wrestler like Eric Young – my mind immediately goes to ‘David Arquette’.

      Give me a break. Everyone needs to stop whining, and just be happy that EY has finally got his time in the limelight. Like Magnus said, the guy has survived a decade of humiliating gimmicks by being a consistent and hardworking wrestler. In addition, Young has some mainstream exposure with his TV shows, so it makes sense for TNA to push him. Stop worrying about the angle – the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should’ve beens’ – and just enjoy it.

    • Peter McAllister (The Father)
      - April 17, 2014
        -   Reply

      Horrible comparison. Clearly the musings of a know-nothing dope.

  2. erocuroc
    - April 19, 2014
      -   Reply

    The problem with EY being champion now is it screams of copycat booking after Bryan won the WWE title. It’s like “look, we have a bearded underdog too!” The move made no sense other than trying to be “shocking”. Again, viewers saw a real shocking finish at Wrestlemania with the outcome of the Taker match. TNA needs to find their own voice and story lines or they’ll be doomed to failure.

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