Main Event Confirmed For Tonight’s Edition Of WWE RAW

Posted by Matt Boone March 10, 2014 6 Comments confirmed in their “Five-Point Preview” for tonight’s edition of RAW, which emanates from Memphis, that in one of the main events of the evening, John Cena will square off in singles competition with Wyatt Family-member Luke Harper.

As previously reported, The Undertaker will appear on tonight’s show, as well as Hulk Hogan, who is scheduled to make a big announcement related to WrestleMania XXX.

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    • V2query

      WTF?! It still looks as though tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw show isn’t going to be any good. Knowing me though, I’ll end up never being able or allowed to like or enjoy WWE as much as I used to. Thanks to and because of things John Cena does, gets away with doing and behaves like.
      Him being a so called babyface is extremely insulting, bad, no-good, lousy, rotten, unfair, unjust, totally corrupted, lousy, wrongful, insulting and offensive.

      • Rebel

        I’d rather see Orton main eventing and kicking ass on the two losers Batista and Cena but noooooo. Orton’s not allowed to do anything cool or be a good guy who kicks ass on bad guys like cena and batista.

        • Will $teel

          I think Randy is badass as a heel. They just need to make him a more dominate one.

      • Canuck 703

        All the kiddies love Cena & WWE is way kiddie friendly. Just whish they had some storylines for the more mature fans. Yes I know the attitude era is over but they could @ least meet somewhere in-between !!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says RAW hasn’t been exciting since the Clinton administration.

      • Will $teel

        u obviously loved the whole People Power era wit John Laurinaitis

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