Major Backstage Heat on Ric Flair: Possibly Leaving TNA

Posted by Matt Boone May 21, 2012 14 Comments

Ric Flair and TNA are at a major impasse and there is a ton of heat on Flair for his conduct outside of the ring, according to a report by PWInsider. One source described it as “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.”

There have been a number of incidents with Flair at local establishments in Orlando since he joined TNA. Flair was reportedly banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe at Citiwalk due to an incident.

There also have been many stories about Flair not being able to cover bar tabs and company management getting calls from hotel or bar management seeking payment. Something similar recently happened at a hotel TNA has a good relationship with and that was said to be the final tipping point. Flair was pulled from live events and TV tapings after that incident.

Several people in the company have been against using him as a regular since he came to TNA, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn’t drew money or ratings for TNA.

Spike TV sources also report that there have been a number of requests from the network for TNA to keep Flair dressed and not have him “near nude” and bleeding at his age on TV.

Word going around over the weekend was that Flair is done with TNA but that’s not confirmed yet.

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    • David

      Good, he can barely speak and really, my 17 YO daughter can kick his old wrinkly ass.

      • Richard Fliehr

        Whats your daughters name? we could make a deal!

        • cenanationsucks

          whoooo this guy is a joke ric and sting should retire whooo wwe and tna both suck right now whoooo

    • Wrestlehead

      Someone should tell Flair that it’s not 1985 anymore and that he can’t go around living large like he’s the biggest icon in the sport. Perhaps this is a good incentive for him to leave TNA, sign a legends contract with WWE for sporadic appearances, and go quietly before he damages his good name any further.

      • Jack Silver

        Exactly I couldn’t have said it any better. I say For the good of TNA they need to let him go now.

    • pick a name

      time for flair to jump ship to wwe and help his daughter out

    • Ric Flair


    • ……

      What a scum bag….

    • Peter

      Its time Ric. Leave while your name still means something. Sign a Legend’s contract with WWE and settle down. Maybe act like an old man for once.



    • Lord Rothschild

      When you live in a big house on the big side of town you can do anything you want.

    • All’Flaired Out

      there’s always something going on with flair and everyone he works with… he’s a greedy money needing has been who thinks too highly of himself and wants more money than he’s worth! … i respect his achievements – but that was 30 years ago!!! the guy needs to realize he cant draw anymore and should just take a backstage role in WWE and be used sporadically for a nostalgia act – like Dusty does in FCW and from time to time!!!

      Having drunken incidents at bars at the company’s expense when he’s being paid liek 35k per appearance (according to steiner) is insane…. The only reason he wears a Rolex is cause Shawn Michaels and HHH got him one for the HOF. The guy really needs to get a clue!

      Stylin’ and profilin’ my A$$

    • Dougdenslowe

      I agree with Mark Henry,Flair would be the best color commentor in the business.I think that you should work for WWE,that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time!

    • Owlmann

      Why exactly did he not retire when WWE gave him that send-off? Slap in the face to WWE. To be honest, if Ric Flair was just a manager in TNA while being offscreen, I would have appericated it more. But having come out in 2010, 2011 and so to the ring, watching a 60-year old man covered in blood and ripping his pants off is not what I and many other wrestling fans want to see now.
      It is the same with Hogan. When Hogan was coming into TNA back in 2009 they said his would be backstage and helping young players get their push to get to next level. They idea was to promote TNA. But no, Hogan has to be the focus of every show and bring in every WWE/TNA washup in the book while young stars were pushed aside is what came next. Not forget them getting Hogan and Flair to go at it again was another reason.
      I really gave up with TNA last March when the whole 3/3/11 and the Victory Road debacle with Jeff Hardy along with the 17th of March impact in which there was only 17 seconds of wrestling within an hour went down. I haven’t really watched the show properly since then but TNA has taken by the sounds of things they have now sort of started getting their act together.
      Russo is gone, Steiner and Dreamer is gone along with the Immortal stable but they need to stop listening to Bischoff.
      Hopefully, however Flair leaving will further improve TNA.I am not saying he is a bad wrestler but he is at least 24 years past his prime and it’s time for him to go. He just needs to retire now from the profession unless it is manager work. No more getting in the ring again please.
      The same with Hogan. Stop hogging the spotlight. Your time is up as well. Time for him to do work behind the scenes or leave with Ric.
      The same goes for Hogan, stop wrestling.

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