Major Backstage Shake-Up at Tonight’s WWE RAW

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2012 9 Comments

- Reports from tonight’s RAW are that Vince McMahon has not been in a good mood today. This led to head RAW writer Brian Gewirtz being removed from his job after more than 10 years. Gewirtz is still working as a consultant.

Vince reportedly told the producers he wants results or resignations. Everyone is said to be scared for their jobs. We hope to have more soon.


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    • 40 dawg

      There you go, vince blaming everyone except himself. If anyone needs to resign it’s vinny mac cuz he is the one that ALWAYS has final say about everything. And another report said that when vince said he wants results or resignations supposedly 3 writers resigned on the spot. If that’s true that is funny as hell. The way it’s going vince and stephanie is gonna be the only ones left on the creative team, and if sh-t is still the way it is what’s vince gonna do fire his daughter? when the boss shows no accountability that usually leads to bad things. So vince basically demoted his head writer but still is gonna have final say on what makes it to tv, sh-t ain’t gonna change. VINCE IS KILLING HIS OWN PRODUCT but in his mind it’s everyone elses fault, sad very sad.

      • Deryl Presberry

        very true

      • we’ve cena nuff

        I agree with what your saying but I have a lil bit more faith in the old man then you seem to. Also I might be completely wrong but I thought only the major storylines go through Vince these days considering he is rarely on the road or at the shows. I thought triple h and Stephanie are making most of the decisions lately. But the wwe needs a massive shake up and to me that’s what Vince seems to be doing. The wwe isnt in any danger of dying at the moment. But when he has been challenged before he doesn’t just pull it out the bag he slams it in the opposition or critics faces.

    • w fvfbfbdvd

      Get off the pg that’s the problem

    • Mr’All Saint

      I know this has probably been said to death, but a Cena heel turn would get people watching again. I mean he honestly is the biggest face since Hogan, and when Hogan switched…..well, that was historic.

      • PimpDaddy2099

        Cena = Heel

        Orton = Heel

        Del Rio = Face

        Mysterio / Sin Cara = Heels

        Ziggler = Face / New Face of WWE

        AJ Lee = Disappears FOREVER !!!!!

        Kane = MONSTER

        Bryan = Face

        Otunga / Hornswoggle = WORTHLESS !!!!!!!
        ………….And that’s the way i see it.

    • clearlytheman

      Bring back the attitude era. Lets face it linda has zero shot at winning congress senate or any other political seat thats why they went pg save your money put it into wwe programming

    • David

      How about less drama and more wrestling? I’m beginning to think WWE would meet it’s end if it had no drama, 80% of the problem are the fans, they’re biased and Vince judges the people in attendance’s cheers and not the ones with the witty remarks that have been around since 1997. Get more serious and edgy, that’s easy to do in a company that revolves around “fighting”.

    • PimpDaddy2099

      Hey, there’s only one person who can bring RAW the big ass ratings they deserve. ONE person who can help the most. But for him to help, we need to smell what he’s cooking. 1998’s about to make a comeback in the ol’ WWE.

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