Major Concern Backstage at RAW, The Rock Angle Nixed?, More

Posted by Matt Boone April 8, 2013 29 Comments

- There is said to be absolute panic at RAW this afternoon. Tonight’s show was scheduled to build to a segment where Brock Lesnar beat up The Rock to set up a WrestleMania XXX main event.

The Rock is not at RAW and word going around is he went home. Vince McMahon and WWE writers and producers are busy re-doing the show and apparently the angle has been nixed.

Nobody knows any details as to what happened past that. The belief now is that Rock won’t be appearing tonight.

– There is another major angle planned for tonight to set up John Cena’s next title defense at Extreme Rules. It was something that has been planned for some time and was actually scheduled for WrestleMania last night.


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    • Bam Bam

      Hahahaha Rock couldn’t take his loss to Cena so he had to go home and drink his tequila. Imma feel pretty dumb if it is a personal reason tho, hope it aint that.

      • Camp Cornette

        It’s probably over politics…

        • morrisonfanone

          Isn’t most everything anymore?

    • mack

      any proof of this or just the usual smark rumor mill bullshit?

    • Derp

      If I were the Rock, I’d be mad about getting beat by Cena too.

    • Ace Boogie

      Fuck Cena i hope he Breaks his Neck and Retires

    • Beer Money Jobber

      I hope the Rock takes his boot, shines it up, turns that sum a bitch sideways & sticks it up his own candy ass & pancakes his way out the WWE forever.

      • Papa Shango

        shut up and go watch TNA

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Go watch The Tooth Fairie for the 85th time.

          • D’Lo Brown

            Good one. It’s spelled Fairy. Nothing but a troll, who’re all sadly idiots.

            • Beer Money Jobber

              I’ve never watched a Rock movie & probably never will. That’s why Fairy was spelled wrong. The Rock’s ability on the silver screen & in the ring are the same, they both suck.

            • SRH

              You don’t have to have watched the film to know that there is only one way to spell Fairy. You Idiot

            • Beer Money Jobber

              And you won your local spelling bee with the word “cat” while attaining a GED.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      All you Rock marks, defend him now please. He 2 months to promote his s**ty GI Joe movie so once again he couldn’t care less about WWE. He couldn’t show up at the HOF now this, I hope this tooth fairy bi*ch never comes back. Say what you want about Cena, but he shows up night after night after night, at PPVs to house shows with no other agenda then to be a wrestler. Rock will pop up again with the early reviews for Fast 6 are terrible and he needs some good pub fast.

      • Knock

        showing up and not showing up doesn’t make a wrestler good. Cena shows up everyweek, yet he sucks. Cena would be leaving on occasions if Hollywood would be calling him for movies, but they see he’s a bad actor so Cena sees that WWE is all he has.

        • Derp

          Cena attracts little kids and a few women. He has no real target market. So he really doesn’t fit in anywhere.

          • morrisonfanone

            And who does the Rock attract?

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Is he the best wrestler? No way. Does he suck? Sorry, not even close. He’s had a ton of actually great wrestling matches. Hell he had a great one a few weeks ago against Punk on RAW. I like how he greats crap because he does the same 3 or 4 moves over and over again but say someone like Austin….who did the same 3 or 4 moves over and over again is hailed as a wrestling god. The IWC makes me sad to be a wrestling fan.

          And please don’t tell me you think Rock is a good actor.

    • Junior

      Many people like talking a lot of shit but admit the truth dammit cena is better then the Rick he kicked the rocks ass like he said and finally the champ is back go cenation.

    • Big_Papi

      all of you people saying “Rock got his ass beat by Cena” “Rock’s probably embarrassed that he got beat by Cena,” the show is scripted, shut up and sound intelligent for a change.

    • Junior

      The rock should be embarrassed for running his muth because that’s all he’s really good for everyone only gives credit to the rock but cena is the true captain of the ship and he always shos up to raw or any other pay preview the rock has been gone for 7 years he ain’t shit go back to the figi island . People today are a bunch of hypocrites can’t even acknowledge what cena has done and much more you suck just like the rock .

    • ddp

      In 2011
      IWC: Rock come back!!! We miss you!

      *Rock returns*


      *Rock Beats Cena, goes for WWE title*


      *Rock become champ*

      IWC: NOOOOO. DAMMIT ROCK LEAVE. WE DON’T NEED U! Give the title to a full time wrestler!

      *Rock Gives Cena the title*


      *Rock leaves*


      My Reaction: :/ make up your damn minds…

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        It’s the IWC…they can’t make up theirs minds because they’re morons. Anything popular they hate and everyone not getting pushed is being wasted. Just wait, they’re going to turn on Ziggler soon now that he has a title.

    • Junior

      Why is it that everybody always has a stupid dum ass excuse about a title change politics this this and that the truth is cena beat the rocks ass fare and square how come nobody said shit about last years wm wen cena lost. So what is everybody on rocks payroll or something all kissing his ass.

    • Bill Rogers

      New Movie Time, that’s why he lost to Cena.

    • Hell Ryback


    • Bryan

      Junior, your’re a homo. And please go back to grammar school and learn how to properly write a legible sentence.

    • Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps?

      The Rock and John Cena Part 2 – “More than enough for a Lifetime”

      Post WM –

      Let the Rock come back on his own once a month schedule, take on someone like Brock.

      Let Ryback feed on Cena (Injure his ass for 6 months or something, he may just get a huge pop on his return)

      Let CM Punk be champion (or thereabouts), because he’s the Best (Heel) in the World (Epic v Taker)

      Let Dolph Ziggler… World Heavyweight Title barely matters, but give him a good opponent to run with. Like maybe an Orton or Sheamus to define his character more as a fighter. Ultimately, lose and get in the WWE title picture.

    • Edge

      If they want a good match with Lesnar they should think about Ryback or Sheamus or even CM Punk.Those guys would be a better choise.The Rock might be good on mic but he is same kinda wrestler like Cena when it comes to wrestling.Heck,when it comes to Mania and especially next years Mania,expect Cena vs Rock for a third round.And also expect WWE trying to get their hands on Batista who should face Orton and CM Punk if he signs a contract.

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